Santiago, Chile: Incendiary Attack Against the Mother of Divine Providence Parish During the Visit of the Pope

Around 05:00hrs on January 16, 2018, the Mother of Divine Providence Parish located in the commune of Puente Alto suffered an arson attack. Anonymous attackers managed to break the padlock of the perimeter fence of the religious temple, then set the Vatican and Chilean flags on fire at the the feet of a sculpture of the Virgin, as well as …


Leipzig, Germany: Incendiary attack on the State’s forces of repression (31/12/2017)

Our flames against their repression! As in many places they were celebrating the new year with uproar, drinking a toast till exhaustion, repeating promises and wishes, as if all the shit of the past could be simply swept away by a glass of wine, we had our fireworks: taking advantage of the occasion we went to the Witzgallstraße area, loaded with …


Germany: RWE Compound Sabotaged

HIT REPORT! 4th January, Hambacher Forest. anonymous report: “2018 has begun – RWE are smashed! We are a group of autonomous anarchists. We are nature defending itself, acting to protect the Hambacher Forest and the world from RWE and capitalism. In this action, an area of RWE was destroyed. The area was previously part of the forest. RWE cut all …

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