Avis de Tempetes: A French hero

Received 22/04/2018 A French hero  He’s a French gendarme. He belongs to an army corps, and his pride might reside in the fact that he serves one of the rare States which entrusts – in times of peace and day in day out – the tasks of control and repression of the civil population on 95% of the territory to …


Sweden: From Malmö to Nantes and beyond, let’s ZAD the Earth!

From Malmö to Nantes and beyond, let’s ZAD the Earth! For almost 50 years protests against a major capitalist infrastructure project (i.e. airport construction) has been raging in the heart of France. In 2009 the protesters decided to occupy the land and created a so called «ZAD» (Zone to defend). The occupied area consists of a variety of biotops such …


Madrid, Spain: ATM burnt in solidarity with the anarchist comrade convicted in Germany for expropriating a bank

The early morning of April 11 a Bankia ATM in Vallekas (Madrid), on Carlos Martín Álvarez street and painted in solidarity with the comrade. The attack justifies itself: banks are one of the main engines of state society and capitalism. The investments in prisons, juvenile centres or arms industries; grant credit to companies and states; evict and speculate with the …


Switzerland: Butcher Shop Sabotaged

«Butcher shop windows were targeted on the night of the 12th of April. Smashing multiple targets including doors and with small bits of glass flying in all directions over the animal corpses, the media has reported a cost of about 15,000 Swiss francs (£11,000 approx) for the company. ‘We want to create economic damage to the speciesist system and draw …


Berlin, Germany: Raid in Rigaer94 – Arrests spark resistance

Three weeks ago the current reinforcement of the siege of Berlin-Friedrichshain’s Nordkiez culminated in yet another crazy raid in Rigaer Str. 94, at the center of the so called «danger zone». Two residents were imprisoned. The riot police is nearly 24/7 stationed in front of the squat and they make checkpoints in different streets. Undercover cops try to infiltrate the …

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