Durruti is Dead, Yet Living – Emma Goldman

Durruti Is Dead, Yet Living By Emma Goldman [Published in 1936. Obtained from the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford, California.] Durruti, whom I saw but a month ago, lost his life in the street-battles of Madrid. My previous knowledge of this stormy petrel of the Anarchist and revolutionary movement in Spain was merely from reading about him. …


Bra$il: About ‘Operation Érebo’ – Agitations and Anarchic Reflections

Translated by Tormentas de Fogo. 17/11/2017 “Operation Érebo” the earth moves. Agitations and anarchic reflections the wind blows.” At dawn on October 25, 2017 the weather darkened for the anarchists of Porto Alegre. The Civil Police with the so called “Operation Érebo [Erebus]” launched raids and assaults televised by the local media and transmitted by the speakers of the system in …


Italy : Declaration of Anarchists Claudia and Stefano facing Trial as a result of Operation ‘Scripta Manent’

We find ourselves facing you in order to be judged. Guilty or innocent? But what are we accused of? In the thousands of pages produced by the prosecutor, over twenty years’ history of anarchist struggle in Italy are covered and not only, specific facts are mentioned to back up suppositions and conjecture, but in fact what do you want to …


Naarm / Melbourne, so-called Australia: Serco Compound Attacked in Solidarity with Refugees in Detention

19.11.17: Tonight, a group of people in Naarm / Melbourne, responding to the call out for 8 Days of Solidarity for Refugees, undertook an action targeting Serco. Serco is a multinational corporation which is directly responsible for the inhumane incarceration conditions faced by refugees, asylum seekers, and detainees, in so-called Australia. Serco is also a major player in the international privatised …

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