Italy: Appeal verdict in the “Panico” trial


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Appeal verdict in the “Panico” trial (Florence, Italy, May 4, 2021)

On May 4, 2021, the second instance of the Panico trial at the Florence court of appeal concluded fairly quickly.

In summary, among the main news there is the fall of the associative crime (article 416, criminal association) for nine comrades convicted in the first instance and the acquittal of Giovanni for the facts of 2017 New Year’s Eve [the bomb against CasaPound’s Il Bargello bookshop, which exploded and seriously injured a police sapper officer] (from a sentence of 9 years and 10 months to 3 months for a spray writing). The sentences for the facts of the Melograno (the brawl with the cops outside a concert), for which two comrades were acquitted, remain heavy: five others were sentenced with sentences all around 3 and a half years. The sentence of the comrade accused of robbery for having stolen two bottles of wine worth 20 euro (2 years and 3 months, plus a fine) also remained unchanged, as well as the sentences (although lowered compared to the first instance) for the assault and firecracker attack on the CasaPound bookshop (January–February 2016). Finally, Ghespe and Paska were convicted for the 2017 New Year’s Eve events, with sentences reduced from 9 years (Ghespe) and 9 years and 5 months (Paska) to 8 years for both.

The judges have taken 90 days to file their motivations, so it is estimated that in mid-October the deadline for the cassation appeal will expire.

All our solidarity goes out to the condemned, as well as to the anarchist comrades in prison, including those of the Scripta Manent, Prometeo and Bialystok operations; to the comrades on hunger strike; to those undergoing restrictive measures, to those under special surveillance. Strength!

A huge thank you to the many, so many, who have brought us solidarity over the years.

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