Italy: Natascia transferred again to Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison


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Natascia transferred again to Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison (Italy, June 16, 2021)

The night after the second and last preliminary hearing of the Scintilla trial, held in Turin on June 16, anarchist comrade Natascia Savio was woken up again in the middle of the night in her cell inside Vigevano prison and transferred to another prison. This was discovered on the morning of June 17 by the comrade who went to the guardhouse at Vigevano prison for the visit and was told that Natascia was not there because she had been transferred the night before.

As usual, Natascia was not allowed to inform anyone, not even her lawyer. It was presumed that she might have been transferred back to the prison of S. Maria Capua Vetere, but no news about it was given – not even to her lawyer – until this morning [June 18], when the lawyer himself was confirmed that Natascia is indeed there.

At this point it is worth saying a few more words on the question of prison visits.

After the transfer from Piacenza prison to that of S. Maria Capua Vetere in mid-March, the permanent authorisation for visits between Natascia and a comrade issued by the GIP (“Judge for Preliminary Investigations”) became the subject of arbitrary interpretations by prison administration, who authorised only one hour of visit per month (no longer four, therefore) more than two months after the request and just before transferring her temporarily to Vigevano to allow her to attend the preliminary hearings of the Scintilla trial on June 4 and 16 in Turin. In Vigevano prison, the administration followed the same script. Natascia entered the AS3 (“High Security 3”) section between June 12 and 13, after the usual two-week medical isolation. The prison authorised only one hour of visit per month and, above all, decided to fix the visit for Thursday, June 17. When asked if it could be brought forward to Tuesday, June 15 (visits are currently held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it was possible to do so), given that this was a temporary transfer until June 16 (although there was an attempt to make it permanent for territorial rapprochement), the prison administration did not want to hear reasons.

The comrade called the prison to confirm the visit until the day before. Not only was it confirmed again, but she was also told that in the event of a sudden transfer of Natascia, the prison would have telephoned to cancel the visit, a statement that clearly no one had given any value or weight to, given the subjects in question. But that was the situation.

Footnote: with each transfer – to be precise, three transfers in three months – the money of the comrade was kept for about ten days on average by the prison of origin, and the only way to get around this problem was to send a new transfer to each prison of arrival, although she already had money in her account, but blocked in the prison of departure.

We are not surprised by the infamous and oppressive nature of the repressive apparatus and prison structures. However, we would like to reiterate that Natascia is not alone and that we stand by her side; it won’t be a few hundred kilometres or some graduated guard with a shitty life that will make us change our minds.

With Natascia, and with all the imprisoned comrades who resist and fight with their heads held high.

To write to her:

Natascia Savio
C. C. “F. Uccella”
S. S. 7 bis – via Appia, km 6,500
81055 Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)
Italia – Italy

To write to Beppe:

Giuseppe Bruna
C. C. di Bologna “Dozza”
via del Gomito 2
40127 Bologna
Italia – Italy

To contribute to prison and legal expenses:

Postepay evolution card n° 5333 1710 9103 5440
Account owner: Vanessa Ferrara
IBAN: IT89U3608105138251086351095

Postepay evolution card n° 5333 1710 8931 9699
Account owner: Ilaria Benedetta Pasini
IBAN: IT43K3608105138213368613377

Note: Natascia was arrested on May 21, 2019 along with Beppe and another comrade for “Prometeo” repressive operation, carried out by the ROS (“Special Operational Grouping”) of carabinieri. In December 2019 the third comrade was released from prison. The main charge is “attack with the purpose of terrorism”, as they are held responsible for sending three parcel bombs that arrived in June 2017 to prosecutors Rinaudo (prosecutor in several trials against the antagonist movement and anarchists) and Sparagna (prosecutor in the “Scripta Manent” anti-anarchist trial) and to Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Penitentiary Administration”) in Rome. Natascia and Beppe are currently in prison for the “Prometeo” operation, the trial of which is ongoing in Genoa. On May 10, Beppe was sentenced to five years of prison in the context of another investigation concerning an incendiary device placed against a post office in Genoa on June 8, 2016. Natascia is also a defendant (free, but under investigation) in the trial that followed the “Scintilla” operation of February 7, 2019, on charges of “subversive association”.

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