Vienna, Austria: Our harmful inclinations are consolidating

Received 28/08/2019

We learned with rage that our comrades of Hamburg known as “the park bench three”, are in prison on remand. The fact that two of them are charged with “harmful inclinations” doesn’t surprise us. Always, those who rebel against the prevailing order are condemned as “parasites”.

Our comrades are clearly accused of attempted arson as they were arrested in possession of incendiaries in this Hamburg park. It should be clear to everyone that this is yet another repressive blow against the anti-G20 rebels and their world, also concerning the arrest on the day of the anniversary of the riots.

We feel deep rage about the repression of these comrades and had to express it. So, during the night of August 17 [2019], we set fire to a radio antenna next to the motorway to Wiener Prater [Vienna] and thus destroyed it.

Both the cops and the media seem to have kept quiet about this “incident” – no one is supposed to ignore that such attacks on this company’s network everywhere (optic fibre, optic cable, electrical circuit, telecommunication pylons, internet, …) could only too easily be reproduced and that little material is required: a few lighters and a few litres of fuel were enough.

We see ourselves as rebels against authority wish thus to contribute minimally by feeding the revolt against this world of exploitation and oppression.

We send the comrades of Hamburg encouragement and a big hug, be it for those inside right now as for those outside!

Let’s carry on the struggle of all those who can’t at the moment due to their imprisonment and let’s strike!

Freedom for the park bench three!
Freedom for all prisoners!

A few enraged with harmful inclinations!

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