Villa Francia, Chile: 4 comrades arrested for carrying a weapon during the commemoration of Matías Catrileo


During the afternoon of January 3, 2018, a new political-cultural initiative was carried out in the village of Villa Francia in commemoration of the murder of Mapuche comrade Matías Catrileo at the hands of the bastard police.

During the initiative, anonymous hooded persons carried out an act of armed propaganda then withdrew from the area.

It is at that moment that plainclothes police who were in the vicinity of the initiative and in the village arrested comrades Fernando Droguett, Tomas Montenegro and Maitu Garay, who are accused of possession of two artisanal guns, a starting pistol, ammunition and a bulletproof vest. The police also arrested Gonzalo Toros Fernández – accusing him of being linked to this armed propaganda act, 62 year old Gonzalo is a former MIR member – and broke into his home, where according to press and police reports there was allegedly saltpeter, potassium, coal, sulphur, electric circuits with timers and mobile phones, as well as screw connectors.

According to the press, what was seized at the home of Gonzalo will be analyzed by the South Prosecutor’s office, responsible for explosive attacks.

On January 4, all the comrades passed through detention control according to the law on arms control. Although the court decreed that the accused be under house arrest, the public prosecutor’s office decided to appeal, so for the time being they have been taken to prison (Santiago 1 and San Miguel Women’s Prison) until the Court of Appeal decides whether they will remain in pre-trial detention or under house arrest.

Solidarity with Fernando, Tomas, Gonzalo and Maitu!

Latest news: The court hearing will be held on Saturday 6 January in the morning, we will keep you updated.


Translated by Act for freedom now!