Thessaloniki, Greece: Incendiary attack in solidarity with revolutionary Dimitris Koufontinas


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“The possibility of revolution and a classless society depends on the hope of a life we ​​deserve, on the conscious organization and preparation for the transition to this life from today, on the liberating meeting of the weapon of criticism with the critique of weapons. For the Realm of Freedom …”
D. Koufontinas

Hunger strike from 8-1-2021

The imprisoned revolutionary D. Koufontinas is on a hunger strike from 8-1, claiming his transfer to Korydallos Prison, where he has served most of the exhaustive sentence imposed on him. In one night, cops abducted him from the rural prison where he was being held in order to transfer him to Domokos prison, after a provision had been made in a law that was passed with the obvious purpose of retaliation by the state in his face. It is worth noting that even the law that was passed in retaliation explicitly states that the removal of D. Koufontinas from the rural prisons implies his transfer to the prison where he previously served his sentence, namely Korydallos.

The state’s vengeful rage against D. Koufontinas is related to his overall political course, he never signed a statement of remorse, he never denied the armed struggle from the quiver of the working class for emancipation. He does the same now, claiming with the only weapon he has, that is, putting his body as an embankment.

But D. Koufontinas is not alone. He has a multifaceted movement that supports him and that tries to be his voice, at a time when the media is burying his struggle. From our incarcerated comrades who started a hunger strike supporting him, from public interventions, marches and distributions, to night attacks, the people who follow the thread of resistance will stand with him until the end.

The context of the hunger strike is a very special condition for the social base. A curfew, anti-immigration policy, a protest bill, a bankruptcy code, an environmental bill, an education bill, and countless Casus Belli* reforms have been passed down through the pandemic, and the situation seems to be getting worse and worse. the growing involvement of the army in social life and the police surveillance imposed on us.

Public hospitals are collapsing while money is only available for the army, the media, the police and businesses (purchase of Raffale aircraft, funds for the police, Petsa list, etc.)

So against the social cemetery that they are trying to impose, we chose to attack as a minimal sign of solidarity with the fighter D. Koufontinas. In the early hours of Saturday 30-1, we placed improvised incendiary devices, setting fire to two vans of the General Post Office and the facade of the security company Galaxy in Pylaia, Thessaloniki.

During the pandemic, the General Post Office became rich by literally pressing on the heads of its employees, while in fact it became known that one of its executives dared and beat an employee of the company. On the other hand, we know very well the role of Security companies, the hired thugs, that is, who protect the wealth of the bourgeoisie, whether it is their luxury homes and vehicles, or the products on the shelves of supermarkets. Thus we tried to put our little stone in the night conduct of the class struggle. We warn in all tones that any complication in the health of the striker will not go unanswered by the movement and its structures.




Anarchist Group Tasos Tousis**


Translated by Fire On The Horizon


Notes added by Translator:

*A Casus Belli (‘occasion for war’) is an act or event that provokes or is used to justify war.

**Tasos Tousis, a striking worker who was killed with 11 others and 36 injured by the gendarmerie, aided by the army, during the May 1936 strike of tobacco workers in Thessaloniki.