Greece: Giannis Dimitrakis and Nikos Maziotis end their hunger strike


Received 06/02/2021 by


Today 4/2/21 we are announcing the end of the hunger strike that we started on 16/1/21, as a sign of solidarity with the request of Dimitris Koufontinas to be transferred to Korydallos prison. We believe that our main goals, which were to accompany Dimitris Koufontinas in the difficult battle he had begun and to enrich the project of solidarity, have largely been fulfilled.

We wish good strength to comrade Dimitris Koufontinas, who is in critical and dangerous situations for his health and his life, going through the 28th day of a hunger strike, as well as to those standing by him in every way and under adverse conditions.

Nothing is over, everything continues!

Giannis Dimitrakis

Nikos Maziotis, member of Revolutionary Struggle


Actfofree notes:

Giannis Dimitrakis was sentenced to 11.5 years without mitigation for robbery, possession of a weapon and use of a forged document.

On June 12 2019, anarchists Giannis Dimitrakis and Kostas Sakkas are arrested after an attempt to expropriate an ATM supply service in Thessaloniki. An hour later, anarchist Dimitra Syrianou is arrested for the same case.