Paris, France: 3 Postal Vehicles Torched by Anarchists


On the night of Monday 22nd to Tuesday, April 23rd, three vans of the Post Office were torched on rue e la Chine in Paris.

The role of the Post Office in this society, at the intersection of the public sector and capital, is crucial and is often forgotten. That is why it was targeted, with the perspective of a permanent anti-authoritarian conflictuality against the institutional, economic and ideological mechanisms of this world.
A negation of this society, which strives to be international via action and solidarity with comrades, has fallen into the net of repression.

A thought for the anarchists locked up in Italy, especially those recently convicted for Operation Scripta Manent.

“I declare myself to be anti-authoritarian, individualistic, for the insurrection, for the destruction of this filthy and vile world and for the destruction of State Capital! Always your enemy! For Anarchy!”*

Anarchists for Internationalist Solidarity

*Declaration of Gioacchino Somma, one of the anarchist defendants in the Operation Scripta Manent trial.

(via Attaque, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)