Kazakhstan: Anarcho-Communist Comrade Sentenced to 15 Days for Banner


Anarcho-Communist Comrade Sentenced to 15 Days for Banner Action

In Almaty, at a city marathon, an anarchist activist was arrested and imprisoned for 15 days for hanging a banner that read “You Can’t Run Away From The Truth”.

On April 21st, activists hung two banners on the central avenue of the city during a marathon event. The banners read “You Can’t Run Away From The Truth” and “I Have A Choice”. Asya and Beibarys were found guilty of organizing an unsanctioned political rally and put in prison for 15 days. The next day, three witnesses were fined for filming what happened. The convicted activist Beibarys identifies himself as an Anarcho-Communist.

The dictator Nazarbayev recently stood down as president in Kazakhstan and early elections were announced for June 9th, however it is clear to everyone that power will be passed from his hands to his successor who is currently serving as president. So on the eve of the elections, everyone decided to curry favor and shut down the activists for “a political slogan on an illegal banner” (a quote from one of the cops). This shows in a very clear manner how much the authorities fear the people, that even the word “truth” scares them.

(via Pramen, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)