Kiev, Ukraine: Anarchists burned down a SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200


Received 26/05/18

On May 15, 2018, at half-past midnight, we set fire to a SUV Toyota Land Cruiser 200, located near House 3 on Heroes of Defense street.

A luxurious white car was parked near a 5-story building and was away from budget cars, so that pouring out 3 liters of a fuel mixture between the windshield and the hood, we were not at all worried that our actions could cause inconvenience to innocent people. Probably, the owner-bourgeois was pleased to contemplate his wheelbarrow, standing at a distance from inexpensive cars of ordinary honest citizens. Well, to tell the truth, we were also pleased to contemplate the column of flame and smoke instantly ascending to a height of about two meters above the top of this very car. We would like to remind you that the price of the new Toyota Land Cruiser 200 in the budget package is $ 61,000, and therefore we hope that our night visit has been appreciated not only by ourselves, but also by the employees of the nearest ambulance that are so often confronted with rudeness of those in power on the roads and whose salary is 7000 – 8000 UAH.

As reported by the State Emergency Service, the fire alarm was received at 00:43, and the fire was eliminated at 01:16, according to the official report, as a result of the fire, the engine compartment, windshield and bumper were damaged. The property of bourgeois should better be completely be destroyed and not subject to further restoration or be expropriated. It is necessary to fight the oppressors by all available means.

Against officials, bourgeois and their henchmen!

For self-management, social equality and spiritual freedom!

And remember, “retribution is not at all difficult, the main thing is just to want it”.

Anarchist cell “Dawn of Freedom”