Hamburg, Germany: Security company vehicle burnt in solidarity with the Scripta Manent accused, Greek prisoners, Lisa of the Aachen case and the G20 rebels

fire isolated over black background

Sabotage is the appropriate means for destroying the facade of authority. When the agencies engaged in guaranteeing its security find their tools in ruins, their power is visibly questioned and this encourages us to keep on breaking the rules.

It’s similar to what is happening in Switzerland with the Implenia company, which is paying for its involvement in a prison project with its building machinery being set on fire. As also for VINCI, SPIE and EIFFAGE for the connections that these companies have with the repression.

On 13 November in Hamburg, the “Sicherheit Nord” fleet in Barmbeck was destroyed by flames, as we burned several vehicles. In ten Länder [1], “Sicherheit Nord” collaborates with the police, controls the NATO base in Lüneburg, embassies, facilities where refugees are locked up and shops in neighbourhoods that the dominant feel are unsafe.

This action and text are for us. For the thousands of people who made the revolt in Hamburg possible. For the prisoners. For the persons involved in the Script Manent operation in Italy. A fire in solidarity with the hunger strike of Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa, a greeting to Konstantino G., arrested for sending a parcel bomb and his belonging to the CCF. Freedom for Lisa, [imprisoned] for a bank robbery in Aachen!

We encourage the struggle against the State at all levels. The repression won’t stop us!

For anarchy!

Autonomous groups

by chronik


[1] Similar to the French regions, the Länder have more weight and power of decision. The German State has 16 in all.


Translated from Italian by Act for freedom now!