Germany: From Berlin to Athens – Police Station Attacked with Paint in Solidarity with Gare Squat


During the night of November 29th we colored the police station at Treptower Park (responsible for youth violence and property protection) in solidarity with the evicted Gare Squat in Exarcheia, Athens and all those who were arrested.

Solidarity neighbourhoods everywhere are being attacked at State, economic and civilian levels, but everywhere there are also structures that organize themselves for conflict with the existing order.

Evicting the squat a week before Alexi’s death is not just an attack on the structures on the ground, but also an attack on those who are in solidarity with the struggle to live in Exarcheia and beyond in an aggressive and self-determined manner.

We wish the prisoners from the demo on November 17th and those who were arrested in the squat much strength and love.

Combative solidarity against gentrification and attacks by the State.

Autonomous Groups

(via de.indymedia, translated by Insurrection News)