Greece: Solidarity, financial campaign for fines and court expenses


Solidarity, financial campaign for fines and court expenses

Financial support in order to pay for fines and court expenses form the demostration of 17th of November in Thessaloniki.

A few words about that day:

On November 17th, the state and the government take a further step towards a complete abberation after the passage of the bill for the restriction of the protests. A specific order by the Ministry of ‘Citizen Protection’, the Greek Police Chief issues a four-day curfew and bans all gatherings of more than 3 people. For us, as well as for a number of fighters of the wider revolutionary movement, but also for thousands of other people, it is becoming clear that the pandemic is used as a tool by the authority in order to violently and universally suppress any movement of social and class resistance. Many organizations and fighters across Greece decide, while respecting all means of protection, to break the state ban, which reminds so much of junta practices . Hundreds of offenses are recorded and fines are validated throughout the territory, while every day, the deaths in hospitals are increasing, reaching or exceeding three digits.

In Thessaloniki, police traps the protesters and brings in dozens of them. Six people are arrested among them 3 of our comrades, while another 3 are being held for a short time in the police department. All 6 are fined $300. A total of € 1 800 is a burden on our collective, not counting the (judicial) costs of our partners. It is our belief that the moves to resist and disobey state brutality and repression, such as those which took place on 6 December, are not exclusively aimed at organized fighters of the movement but represent many more, who may not have participated in the gatherings but who want to support those who have done so, with a high degree of public health responsibility. With this assessment in mind, we are asking for the necessary financial support from the oppressed, although we know how difficult the situation is in the grassroots classes. We believe that more than ever, financial support is changing into political support and aid is a defense that can effectively counteract this attempt to suppress the movement, through the economic strangulation of its organizations and people.

Purpose of the crowdfunding:

In view of the solidarity between those who are being exploited (the repressed), we are creating this request, which aims to pay off the fines imposed and which have remained after rejecting the objection put by our comrades. Our original aim is to cover part of the 6 fines and costs, but having a more comprehensive view of the situation all over Greece, as organizers of the request we commit that possible additional revenue, in addition to the original target, can be provided in consultation with other collectives to cover as much as possible of such costs. All possible financial aid moves will be published on our collective blog

More information:

In the link below you can read the whole announcement by A.P.O. in Thessaloniki concerning the events that took place on the 17th November in the city.

Photographs of the demonstration day:

APO ‘s Banner at the central gate of the Polytechnic University in Athens.
Block and banner of APO at the gatthering at the University Dormitories in Thessaloniki.
Block and banner of APO at the gathering in the city centre of Thessaloniki.
Photograph in the court.



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