Germany: Cop’s Private Car Torched in Berlin


They kill, they torture, they get let off. The most disgusting and most despised gang in the world: the police.

Whether it’s NSU* 2.0, 3.0 or 4.0, whether it’s riot-cops, their civilian wives or their private property, they all follow a logic that prioritizes the profits of the ruling class ahead of freedom, love and life.

Killing, torture and threats are not isolated cases but the cruel reality in each district. “Auch Mensch” (“Also Human”) is the name of their public image campaign, whereby humans are no longer allowed to belong to their so-called ‘police counterpart’.

We read about the letters in Frankfurt.**
We have seen the photos of the homeless woman who had a bag put over her head.
We have heard your discussions about the new police laws.

We are fed up!

For these reasons, we torched the private vehicle of a cop who lives in Berlin-Lichtenberg on 20.01.19.

Occupation and private life cannot be separated. Especially when that occupation is a statement against humanity.

We are furious to read that the cops are hiding their vehicles in bunkers. This attempt to isolate them fails because of the resistance that penetrates from the inside to the outside. Our answer is greetings and strength to all those who are incarcerated.

This was an action that aims to remove the anonymity of those who are responsible for this system of oppression, to show them that we know where they live and that they will have to look over their shoulders more often in the future.

We were pleased to learn that on the same night some other comrades paid visits to the authorities and industry.

Once again, we are are mobilizing against the European Police Congress this year. We should take this meeting of politics, business and government as an opportunity to hold to account those who leave mark in blood all over the world.

Burn all prisons!
Burn all cop cars!

Fight the State!

*translation note: refers to the National Socialist Underground, a neo-Nazi terror group that were able to kill with impunity for years with the support of the German police.

**translation note: refers to death threats sent by police to a witness against them that was signed in the name of NSU 2.0

(via Deutschland Indymedia, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)