Bulgaria: Update on Prisoner Protests in Sofia and Kazichene Prisons


Sofia Prison: The hunger strike by around 30 prisoners in Sofia Prison has ended. The prisoners have not released a statement but it is understood that the prison director Peter Krestev reopened the prison shop, the closing of the shop is what prompted the hunger strike. Meanwhile, the symbolic protests for basic human rights to be respected in Bulgarian prisons are continuing.


Today 01/02/2018 in Kazichene prison – Sofia Bulgaria, between 50 and 100 prisoners at 10:00am gathered in the central courtyard of the prison to resist new orders from the prison Director Deso, who ordered that instead of 2 roll calls a day, that there be 4

Prisoners were already angry that they have lost so many rights and an extra 2 roll calls a day was too much harrasing and disruption to the daily routine of prisoners

Kazichene prison is supposed to me minimal security and instead the new Director is trying to turn it into a maximum security prison where 4 roll calls a day is normal

The 50 prisoenrs demanded to see the Director whilst discussing the numerous problems:

● Yearly holidays outside have been reduced from 14 days to 7

● Prisoenrs normally going out 5 days every 3 months are now being released for less days without reason or cause

● Visits on the 28/01/2018 without explanation were made ‘No contact’ where visitors and prisoners are now seperated

After a half hour stand off the Director of Kazichene prison ran to a building far away from where the prisoners were and the guards joined the prisoners complaining that the extra roll calls were an unneeded hassle

The Director was too afraid to speak with the prisoners or meet with a representative but at 10:40am he repealed his order

Prisoners continued discussing the problems started in 2017 and then carried on their daily routine without further incident.

(via Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association FB page)

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