Belarus: Review of Anarchist Activity in 2017


The past year was quite eventful in the political life of Belarus, the most important event being the Spring protest of the Belarusians against the current government and its anti-social policies. And although the protest was brutally dispersed and the most unprecedented repressions were launched since 2011, it cannot be considered an unequivocal defeat if only because the so-called ‘social parasite law’ was suspended and revised.

Many people endured arrests, imprisonment and fines. Two of our comrades, Dmitry Polienko and Kirill Alekseev, are still in Belarusian prisons. But the anarchist movement, despite all the intrigues of our enemies, has achieved tangible results. For the first time anarchists were able to declare themselves an organized force during the protests in Brest and take the initiative. Thanks to this, the anarchists received the greatest support for all their independent activities in Belarus. In addition, it was a protest in which the anarchists were able to prepare a whole campaign, having carried out an illegal march in Minsk and a number of actions in different cities of the country. Anarchists began to be talked about, received sympathy, were interviewed and connections were made. Despite the repression that followed this, such recognition is the unconditional achievement of the movement.

After the protests, Revolutionary Action launched the Gang of Lukashenko online project, in which dossiers on the civil servants and authorities involved in the repression are being collected. In response to its blocking by the Belarusian authorities (as well as several mirrors of the Revolutionary Action website and groups in social networks), anarchist launched their app on the Android mobile platform. Using it, you can access blocked resources. Now the organization is represented in all the mainstream internet media: YoutubeTelegramFacebook and Twitter.

Revolutionary activists do not wait silently for the revolutionary situation, instead they increase their experience, personnel and try to respond to the actual challenges of the Belarussian reality, be it hazing in the army or the raising of utility tarrifs. Last year, anarchists used hammers for the first time in ages in a radical action when the tax inspectorate in Gomel was attacked and a billboard with advertising of bailiffs in Ivatsevichi was set on fire.

In addition to this activity there is a a daily routine, an activity not advertised for one reason or another, but no less important, as well as activism. Anarchists are currently the only political force in Belarus that continues to be active, despite the political conjuncture and aggressive external environment. In the new year there will be new challenges and the movement will have to meet them decisively aiming for results. The struggle continues.

(via Revbel, translated by Insurrection News)