Basle, Switzerland: Two consecutive nights of fire against the world of authority (03/09/2017)


In two consecutive nights flames devoured vehicles of this world of control and authority in Basle. In the night between Saturday and Sunday 3rd September, a plain clothes cops’ car was set on fire in via General Guisan. The attack was claimed in Then in the night between Sunday and Monday 4th September a company car, probably owned by Swisscom went up in flames in via Johanniter. This second fire hasn’t been claimed yet].

Basle police car in flames

The fire is also linked to the struggle against the extension of the prison of Bässlergut. In our opinion, the role of the police precedes that of the big building companies: it’s the police that hunt people in the streets in racist raids and fill up the prisons.

No more cops! No more police control!

For a hot autumn!
Source: sansattendre
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!