Basel, Switzerland: Flames Return for the War and Prison Profiteers

Extra, Extra, two cars burn!

It weaves through the ages like a black thread, insurrectional violence against all the different types and tendencies of domination.
In spite of all the attempts at integration, all the repression and all the apparent despair, the passion for freedom continues to burn to this day.

On the night of Saturday to Sunday, December 16th, these flames spread to two vehicles. On the one hand a Siemens company car. Throughout its history – from its active participation in National Socialism, right through to its manufacturing of equipment for war and surveillance and to its development of so-called ‘smart’ technologies – this company has always been in the sights of the insurgents. Technological progress is not a neutral process, it is the next step in the history of capitalist expropriation. On the other hand, a van belonging to the Implenia manufacturing company, a company that has enriched itself by building prisons, detention camps and other temples of repression.

May this old world die!

Long live anarchy!

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)

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