Wallmapu: Life Imprisonment for Two Mapuche Comuneros and Probation for the Collaborator


On June 11th, 2018, the Temuco Oral Criminal Court finally delivered the sentences in revenge for the arson attack in which two landowners were killed.

Under the category of arson resulting in death of a terrorist nature, the tribunal decided to sentence the collaborator José Peralino Huinca to 5 years of imprisonment with the benefit of supervised release, a penalty that was drastically reduced as compensation for his collaboration.

On the other hand, José Tralcal Coche and Luis Tralcal Quidel were sentenced to life imprisonment, although the defense has 10 days to appeal the sentence.

Currently José Tralcal Coche is in the streets waiting for the final appeal, while Luis Tralcal Quidel is on the run.

These sentences seek to reaffirm the legitimacy of the anti-terrorist law and the status of informers, paving a new path of repression via sentences under said law.

Down with the anti-terrorist law and all its condmnations!

(via Publicacion Refractario, translated into English by Nae Clone for Mpalothia)