Video: Exarcheia – No Pasaran! Protest against the greek State’s attack


It all started on Monday on Monday 26 August 2019, following a massive police raid against 4 squats (mainly housing refugees) and the consequent arrest of 143 migrants and 3 others in the Exarcheia area of Athens, Greece. Following the police raid, the neighborhood of Exarchia has been turned into a “militarized” zone with constant riot police attacks against people in the area, social centers and self organized spaces. According to the government that was phase one of its plan. More State attacks and a long lasting repression campaign has been announced against migrants, anarchists and social activists mainly in the area of Exarcheia and then to rest of Greece.

But what the government didn’t expect was that people in the area, instead of “cowering” in fear, they chose to defy the greek riot police and the government’s ideological terrorism, also expressed through its controlled mass media. Thus, on Saturday, 31 August 2019, thousands of anarchists and other activists sent through the protest the first message of resistance to the State’s repressive campaign, as well as, signals of solidarity to the squats and social centers evicted and those under the imminent threat of new attacks by the greek State.

But that protest was just the first reaction. Many squats, self organized spaces, political collectives, groups, international activists and refugees-migrants have announced a new, even bigger protest that will take place on the 14th of September 2019, this time not in Exarchia, but in the center of Athens.

The call for the “No Pasaran” demo is at Propylaia (Panepistimio metro station) in Athens at 12:00 on Saturday 14th of September.