Turkey: Health of Imprisoned Grup Yorum Member Dilan Poyraz Seriously Worsening

22 year old Dilan Poyrz (right) with her father Ali during a prison visit.
22 year old Dilan Poyrz (right) with her father Ali during a prison visit.

Dilan Poyraz, imprisoned member of  the left-wing folk music band Grup Yorum who has been in prison for 9 months in Silivri Prison and has been experiencing serious health problems, has been sent to Gebze Women’s Prison. Dilan’s father, Ali Poyraz, says “There is blood coming out from my daughter’s mouth and nose, there is nothing being done about this”

“At Silivri they were not looking after her health, she was sent to Gebze and there are no checks there either” her father said. Dilan Poyraz aged 22 was visited by her father Ali 3 days ago at Gebze. Mr. Poyraz is worried about his daughter’s health condition, “Dilan’s mother had pancreas and lung cancer. The first indications that her mother had, is shown in Dilan. We have expressed these concerns before, but they do not care” he said. Two days before the day of the visit, Poyraz stated that his daughter’s health was getting worse, “Dilan said ‘I can’t breath take me to the hospital’ but they didn’t take her. She was saying that she couldn’t breath, she was about to suffocate, I tried to find someone responsible to tell them to take her to the hospital but there was no one. The cells are too cold. The same system and thought continues. My daughter has the right to receive treatment, with her health she is not supposed to be in jail she is supposed to be in a hospital. I will act alone if necessary for my daughter’s health. Dilan told me in prison ‘I know I will be released after the hearing next year, but I also know that I will be re-arrested at the exit of the prison’. Her psychology is down, she is afraid”.

(via Revolutionary Youth London)

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