Toulouse, France: Toulouse by night

Received 09/10/2019

Toulouse, France: Toulouse by night

Eurovia, a subsidiary of Vinci [a French company, by world importance is second in the construction, public works and public concession management sectors; his Eurovia branch is mainly involved in road works], saw one of his machines burn, on the night of October 4th [2019], on the site of the gentrification of the Arago square, in Toulouse.

For several months, construction sites for a business area, around the Matabiau station in Toulouse, have continued their vast task of destroying houses and old quarters. The TESO project (“Toulouse Euro Sud Ouest”) wants to reconfigure the city into a technological, police and tourist metropolis.

A gigantic project which, curiously, implies the same companies that build more and more prisons. Eurovia, a Vinci branch, then saw one of its machines burn, this night of October 4th, on the site of gentrification of the Arago square, an extension of the modernization of the whole sector, with the aim of installing dynamic and flexible corporate frameworks, far away from these converging yellow, black and green rage.

Against TESO and the industries of mass destruction and for the freedom of the Gilets Jaunes, let us take the one to remind these machines that they aren’t welcome in our neighborhoods.


[Translated from Italian language; the original text is published in].


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