Thessaloniki,Greece: An explosive signal of solidarity


Received 31/01/2020

A contribution for the struggle to spread the insurrection over the Chilean border

Early on Monday 23/12 we sent an explosive signal of solidarity from the house of the consul of Chile in Thessaloniki Riga Tzelepoglou in 19 Thessalonikis street, Oreokastro of Thessaloniki. We chose to attack by planting an explosive device, bypassing his personal guard and the security company overseeing the home and the large and “inaccessible” fences of his mansion-house only a few metres from where he was sleeping quietly and safely. We took all the necessary safety measures to cause only material damage, wanting to send a first message to this ruffian. However, the next time we will decide as to whether we choose his house as the sole target.

The one thing that isn’t by chance is that the consul be in that position. A grand-bourgeois, director and shareholder of one of the largest private educational institutions in the city (ICBS), he has relationships with a multitude of diplomats in other countries as well as with the domestic financial elite and at the same time is keen on wearing the philanthropist’s face through charity gala shows. He has held this particular “office position” since 2000, supporting and of course getting support from all previous governments with left and / or right wing profiles.

Governments that have, over the years, chosen to mount an informal “witch hunt” against the anarchists, with persecution, arrests, beatings, even disappearances or assassinations of comrades. In a country with a long tradition of insurrectional struggles and a strong element of subversive (for the existent) critiques but even more intense informal anarchist action expressed both through direct action and generalized street rioting, repression and its advocates have played and play a key role in trying to maintain social peace.

Since 18/10/2019 when triggered by a protest over the increase in the public transport fare, a large part of Chilean society decided to disrupt normality by taking part in daily demonstrations and marches, in ongoing strikes and widespread clashes with the repressive forces (cops and military), escaping the brainwashing of the sofa and the role of the viewer. For as long as order, supposed security, and legality are practically dissolved, spontaneity, chaos, and revolt emerged and are replacing them. Arson of government buildings, attacks against police, expropriations of supermarkets and large businesses have been the norm in Chile for two months. The insurgents are returning only a small fraction of the violence they have received since birth from their rulers, power and the State. They are not looking for anything specific or preferably everything.

The destruction of this commercialized world and the emergence of a world without authorities and free. From almost the first moment anarchists have been involved in almost every act of rebellion or process that aims to promote and reinforce the insurrection itself. From the establishment of horizontal neighbourhood assemblies and the occupation of public buildings to organized attacks on cops and capitalist targets up to metro stations and infrastructure.

The right-wing Pinera government, on the other hand, quickly realized the dimensions of the outbursts and total and collective disobedience and is trying to supress the rebels both with wild repression to terrorize and with “people-friendly” measures. Thousands of arrests, hundreds injured by police and army attacks, dozens lost their sight from plastic bullets, and over 30 dead either by actual fire or by police torture during or after the arrests. Sexual assaults and rape by two-legged bastards in police stations or even in the middle of the street seem to have a special role, most of the time trying to isolate their victims and avoid cameras, journalists and people who could record them. Also notable is the case of journalist Albertina Martinez found murdered inside her home, with several incriminating documents she had about the brutality of State repression missing.

At the same time, the Chilean government is trying to win back an impression and return to normality and has retracted its plans to increase ticket prices for public transport and as the weeks go by has also announced up to 50% wage increases. All this while declaring a state of emergency and in the course of the last two months imposing frequent and dense public movement and concentration bans and propagating democratic constitutional changes. None of this, of course, has been enough to stop or even halt the power of the ever-increasing and self-reinforced insurrection.

And if these scenes of “war” and freedom sound familiar, it’s because the memories of December ’08 haven’t worn out yet. The flame remains alive, all it does is flicker in anticipation of the opportunity to transform itself into a river of lava that in its passage will leave the ashes of this capitalist world and a free earth ready to accept the seeds of revolution. There are dozens of reasons that could give birth to a new December. We do not wish and do not expect martyrs and dead but we are organizing and assembling aggressive formations here and now. We are facing an all-out assault of the State against anarchists and revolutionaries.

On the one hand, we have to deal with the repressive system that through the MAT, OPKE, DELTA and undercover police is policing and striking protests, that through the judges and prosecutors is releasing the golden dawn fascists, cop-murderers (Korkoneas-Saraliotis) and
businessmen-drug barons(Marinakis) and is sentencing comrades only because of their political beliefs to create examples through the media and the various Lambropoulos and Karamitrou, spreading lies about anarchists and misleading public opinion. On the other hand, we must protect our structures and spaces by laying the necessary bases for the continuation and diffusion of the anarchist struggle. We put out warnings and the “key” dates and times for the attacks we launch. So it would be wise for you when you are on the streets and away from your homes and safe zones to look behind you once in a while. Even in your own homes and places where you feel invulnerable, it is a good idea to always sleep with one eye open. Because no matter what surveillance you do, whatever GPS and undercovers you set up to monitor us, we will always find a way to get close to you when we so desire.

Lately, the climate of fear and terror has been intensified, is being cultivated both in society in general and within the anarchist space. Everywhere you look in all aspects of life you will notice a pervasive insecurity, a sense of inability to survive, to move freely. Everything seems difficult, dangerous, and power urges people to stay home, not to talk, to close their eyes and ears to what seems unfair. A well-designed strategy that puts its pawns all in order, obedient and in the positions assigned to each. This world wants caretakers, well-trained crooks to peek through keyholes and at the screens of their cameras, frustrated and terrified about another euro getting lost from their pocket. Too anxious about the immigrant outside their door and too thankful for the obedient and necessary-for-the-survival-of-democracy police with its “necessary” violence. They establish order and security in the neighbourhoods, after all. While the disobedient people, those who hate and fight the State itself, and those who resist and fight against a world of slavery and injustice are baptized terrorists. We, we recognize and analyze this dystopia, are experiencing it deep inside us.

From home, to work, to the street, to the neighbourhood, to the TV-screen and to everyone’s conscience: misinformation, rottenness, disgust. Together with our comrades on the streets we fight collectively, we stand against this exploitative and oppressive system and have the stubbornness and power to destroy it. From a poster and a collective kitchen, to a bomb and a raid, we coordinate our desires. We do not sympathize with any petit-bourgeois who only looks at his job and himself. We think in solidarity, our breath and thought unite to create another world, free and independent. The time has come to leave the internal conflicts and disagreements of the past behind and organize a total and universal war with the existent.

For those who dared

For all imprisoned comrades

For the rebels in every corner of the globe.

Strength to persecuted comrades Michailidis, Athanassopoulou,Hatzivassiliadis.

Good recovery to comrade Sakkas.

PS. The cover-up of the attack by the regime’s mass media and cops demonstrates their efforts not to spoil the growing security climate in “upgraded” neighbourhoods such as Oreokastro. Behind the huge fences of the big houses, the cameras on every corner and the security companies that, with their own fleets of cars, oversee and “guard” the rich people’s villas on a 24-hour basis, there will always be a security gap and some will take advantage of it. Christmas presents sometimes arrive a little earlier.

Nuestro presente crear y combatir

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