The fortnightly internationalist anarchist paper “Bezmotivny” is born


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The fortnightly internationalist anarchist paper “Bezmotivny” is born (February 2021)


from the first week of February “Bezmotivny” will be published on a regular fortnightly basis, so we invite you to subscribe and support “Bezmotivny”, to send us your contributions, communiqués or news. For those of you who haven’t read the presentation issue, which came out in December 2020, this project is primarily intended to give a voice to anarchist comrades affected by repression, to the actions we all support and spread, and to reflections that envisage the destruction of society.

Copies of the presentation issue are still available.

— One copy: 1,50 euros.
— Annual subscription: 35 euros.
— Supporter subscription: 50 euros.
— Distributor subscription: Contact the editors (you pay a simple annual subscription, plus the cost of extra copies, once a month for the life of the fortnightly).

For more information contact the editors at senzamotivo[at] or to the P. O. box “Bezmotivny”, C. P. 59, 54033 Carrara, Italia – Italy.

IBAN: IT73Q3608105138262022062031, accountholder: Paolo Arosio.
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A paper “without-a-reason”

Producing and distributing a fortnightly paper newspaper in this day and age of digitised propaganda might seem like a no-motive choice. For us, however, it meets a clear need. Not only are there fewer and fewer periodical anarchist publications (at least in Italy), but we believe it is useful and even and above all necessary to re-appropriate a medium which, unlike telematic propaganda, carries with it a different temporality and materiality. By their very nature, internet times are too fast for reflection, and the overexposure to news makes them all seem the same. Instead, a concrete object presupposes more diluted times and a choice of content, and therefore of quality. This same materiality lends itself less to definitive elimination, which often happens to websites when they are taken down. We also believe it can have the quality of the good old printed paper, and that it succeeds in some way in contributing to the spread of anarchist ideas and practices in a more incisive way.

The name of the paper harks back to the bezmotivny (“without a reason”, “without motive”) anarchists who, in Russia in the early 1900s, chose to strike at the bourgeoisie in order to break social peace and radicalise the attack on the State. To most, a violent attack at that time seemed unprovoked; the same is true now. Instead, the aim of our newspaper is to collect the moments of an ongoing war, not to give in to resignation and to help show a reason that exists and has always existed.

“Bezmotivny” wants to be – or dares to be – a fortnightly project that will mainly deal with what affects the life and existence of anarchists themselves: the practice of attack against the State and its affiliates and repression. So these pages will feature the subversive chronicles of solidarity and the stories of the blows that our greatest enemies – the State, capital, and all those who bulge their disinfected white waistcoats – try to inflict on it.

Speaking of the State, it seems to us a truism, even if it is not necessarily so for everyone, that we cannot reduce our War, the anarchist one, to a single country; therefore we want to direct our commitment and efforts to inform about the War, always in progress, against the existence of the State in the world. If repression against subversives transcends borders, if states are increasingly in favour of coalescing in retaliation against anarchists, it is perhaps good to remember that, although it presents itself in many forms, the enemy is one and the same and must – and can – be attacked everywhere. Against their collaboration to annihilate us, our international complicity can be an effective strength in hitting the State structures at the temple. That is why the newspaper will be internationalist; it will host claims of anarchist attacks from various parts of the world.

We have also chosen to focus on publishing the writings of imprisoned comrades around the world, reiterating how important it is to foster debate among anarchists, whether they are imprisoned or not. The Power, as always, tries to break, with infamous methods such as censorship, the bonds of comrades who are hostages of the State; we believe it is essential not to allow their isolation but to ensure that they continue to participate in the Anarchist war. Finally, we will publish the updates of the trials, the addresses of the detained anarchists of whom we are aware and the transfers.

We have chosen to have, in addition to an email address, a mailbox to which all comrades can refer, thus giving the possibility both to those who are detained, and to those who by choice or necessity do not use telematic means, to continue to write and participate in the anarchist debate.

In addition, we propose to the comrades who feel they share these assumptions to contribute to the project, making the newspaper in several languages, with the same periodicity, thus trying to be even more insistent in the idea of internationalizing the desire to destroy every authoritarian presence in the world.

For these reasons,
without a reason

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