Spanish Prisons: Words from anarchist prisoner Mónica Caballero

Monica Caballero

Words from anarchist prisoner Mónica Caballero 7 years since the death of Mauricio Morales

On several occasions during the days leading up to the anniversary of the death of Mauri, I have wondered why I need to commemorate his death every May 22nd.
Although I have a bond of affection for him, what makes his life, his death, his memory and this day so important to me is that he was a great compañero who spread and put into practice many of the ideas that I also fight for.

We have lost many valuable compañerxs in this long war against domination and perhaps their lives (or their actions) can be as inspiring as Mauri is for me.

The death of an anarchist cannot pass unnoticed, since their departure is an irretrievable loss to the struggle. I understand that an anarchist is considered as such by their actions, which are consistent with their ideas, which are stressed every day in the constant struggle against the various forms of authority, where creativity to acquire new methods, dynamics and forms is a constant, and where the foundations and objectives are integral to the heterogeneous development of freely associated individuals.

I am not interested in the doctrines and the dogmas that enclose and limit potential and standardize all movements, nor am I looking for an idealized image of someone who one “has to follow blindly,” therefore I cannot remember my fallen compañerxs beyond what they were; irreplaceable anti-authoritarians, from whom we could learn a great deal and at the same time could also criticize.

We lost a great compañero but his ideas and practices transcend the set of ideas that went hand in hand with action and spread over any border. We could not have a better inheritance.

From the other side of the great wall, I send you a big hug.

Mauricio Morales lives in our hearts and in every anti-authoritarian gesture.
To ensure that anarchy lives.

Mónica Caballero
Anarchist prisoner

(via Contra Info)