Solidarity with Rojava in the Face of War and Pandemic!


The Covid-19 virus, which has quarantined countless cities and paralysed entire sectors of the economy, has done nothing to change the fact that the dirty war waged by the Turkish state and its ally Daesh against the people of northern Syria, who are forced to defend themselves without a ceasefire, continues. The latent siege of the Syrian state, promoted by Russia’s regional hegemony project, which is preparing the region for its role as the scene of a clash with North American imperialism, is also visible.

The people of northern Syria must now also fight against the progressive spread of the corona virus. Because of the difficulty of maintaining its health system in the middle of a warlike conflict, Rojava is in a threatening situation in the face of this other threat.

All the organisations must now act from below in order to oppose the war and provide aid to the Kurdish, Arab and Assyrian populations within the limits of their possibilities, with respect for their autonomy and their right to self-determination within their territories. In the face of the cynical and hypocritical silence of the nation states and the bourgeoisie, we, anarchists in this world, declare once again our internationalist solidarity from below with the revolution in Rojava to triumph over the pandemic of virus and war.

In fact, those who continue to wage wars while at the same time the world’s health systems are reaching their limits because of Covid-19 are guilty of a double crime.

Down with all wars!


  • Coordenação Anarquista Brasileira – CAB (Brazil)
  • Federación Anarquista Uruguaya – FAU (Uruguay)
  • Federación Anarquista Rosario – FAR (Argentina)
  • Organización Anarquista de Córdoba – OAC (Argentina)
  • Federación Anarquista Santiago – FAS (Chile)
  • Grupo Libertario Vía Libre (Colombia)
  • Union Communiste Libertaire (France)
  • Embat – Organización Anarquista (Catalonia)
  • Alternativa Libertaria / Federazione dei Comunisti Anarchici – AL/fdca (Italy)
  • die plattform – Anarchakommunistische Organisation (Germany)
  • Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet – DAF (Turkey)
  • Organization Socialiste Libertaire – OSL (Switzerland)
  • Libertäre Aktion (Switzerland)
  • Workers Solidarity Movement – WSM (Ireland)
  • Melbourne Anarchist Communist Group – MACG (Australia)
  • Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement – AWSM (Aotearoa / New Zealand)

Original posted 16/04/2020