Sofia, Bulgaria: Statement from Antifascist Comrade Jock Palfreeman


Statement from Antifascist Comrade Jock Palfreeman regarding Recent Developments in his Case

29.05.2020: Please do not believe the false news, I have not been allowed to leave the country as the decision to not allow me to travel is not based on law, but the decision of the government which is headed by Boiko Borrisov.

Illegally the Ministry of Interior has prevented me from leaving the country including preventing me from boarding a plane, the tickets paid for by family and the bookings made by DFAT.

The government yesterday officially informed Australian authorities that they would not be respecting the court decision and would not allow me to freely travel.

Probably Boiko Borrisov [1] is powerless in the face of Karakachanov [2], GERB [3] are hostages to VMRO [4].

(via Jock Palfreeman / Facebook)


[1] Prime Minister of Bulgaria

[2] Minister of Defense & leader of the IMRO / Bulgarian National Movement

[3] ГЕРБ – translated loosely as ‘Coat of Arms’, a right-wing conservative populist party, the second biggest political party in Bulgaria

[4] IMRO / Bulgarian National Movement