Santiago, Chile: Report-back from the event ‘Towards Total Liberation, Memory and Counter-Culture’


Received and translated on 29.05.17 by Insurrection News:

On Saturday, May 20, a large number of compañerxs gathered for The Day of Memory and Counter-Culture to remember Punky Mauri.

Representing the ‘Do It Yourself’ ethos, autonomy and self-organization, we nurtured with workshops and tools for the spread of both our ideas and our feelings.

Different examples of dance, theater and music aimed not only to include Mauri but also to expand and spread his ideas and chaotic impulses. Texts sent from different locations and prisons helped to foster links beyond geographies as well as to destroy the walls that isolate our compañerxs.

The cross-generational differences gave the day the vitality necessary to demonstrate the rupture with the immobile or static memory, providing evidence of the actual and concrete presence of Mauri in the street in the here and now, breaking, annoying and spreading the black plague.

Different feelings circulated during the event, the rage, the emotion and the joy of understanding that the compañero died because he chose to live, he died because he lived so intensely.

We do not forget and Mauri will continue to live multiplied and amplified in thousands more hearts, speaking different languages but pointing always to the destruction of the power and its jailers.

Good journey Compañero, brother.
Nothing is over, everything continues.

Sacco and Vanzetti Collective
May 2017

Download Event Zine (PDF, Spanish Language): ACTIVIDAD 20 MAYO


Words from the compañera Natalia Collado

Hello cabras and cabros in affinity. I have to write this text quickly so that it can reach the event, but with the intention and desire to let you know that I wish that I was with you on this day, sharing and remembering Mauri, reaffirming his motivations, desires, values and impulses that lead you to break with this life and give it all with your death.

You have gone in some respects, but you left an anchor in the hearts and memories of your brothers, as well as those who never knew you but can still feel complicity and affinity with you.

A hug for everybody out there. See you soon.


Words from the compañero Marcelo Villarroel:

8 Years since the departure of Mauricio Morales Duarte:
With memory, resistance and subversion.
Nothing is over, everything continues!

We remember all of our fallen compañerxs in this fight to the death. For total liberation is to give continuity and life to all who take part in the struggle against the world of power and authority from the trenches of our black memory, from the universe and the stars, from somewhere in this present at war.

These days are commemorating 8 years since May 22, 2009 when ‘Punky Mauri’, Mauricio Morales undertook an eternal journey on his bicyle, his backpack loaded with bombs, ideas, denials, contradictions and certainties…on that cold night a rumble began to be heard at the School of Prison Guards. The world has been genuinely amplified by the different subversive expressions that they recongnize in the anarchists of action fighting compañerxs and accomplices on this journey with no return towards the revolt and definitive rupture of the existing order.

8 years ago Mauri externalized his struggle through the direct attack on the facilities of the human executioners and prison society. With his clear anti-authoritarian will transformed into action, Mauri propagated permanent insurrection.

This is understood by those who choose attack as an option-way of life and see in the ideas of anarchy the tools theories-practices to challenge the fate of slaves offered to us by democracy.

In the clear language of social war, Mauricio Morales was a warrior who transformed acts of transgression against the social peace of the rich into infinite gestures of combative conspiracy and solidarity. An international combatant brotherhood with a constant motive for clandestine encounters expresses the same cry in different languages of rebellion against the realm of misery.

It is important to note that for many, 8 years seemed like an eternity towards the almost forgotten past but it turns out that it is a time that we find we have retained in the active memory of all those who promote conflict and take the lives of our fallen in their backpacks, in every moment and place, despite the resignations, defeats, excuses…and despite the recurrent and widespread tendency to justify abandonment with citizen farces in which amnesia is assumed to be natural and impudence is assumed to be everyday behavior…

Although the propaganda of power, from left and right, from politicians and empowered citizens points to disarm the rebellious insurrection and the state continues to persecute and criminalize, we do not believe in their offers of democratic participation; the antagonistic, autonomous, subversive and libertarian struggle continues like a flame caught in the middle of an eternal night.

We continue with our heads high, our memory intact and the decision to make war against the present reality, embracing every brother who decides to take the path of attack against this rotten class society…

So your name, your decisions and your practices multiply all over the world as an expression of continuity in this total war against State-Prison-Capital.

We will continue to meet compañero!!
Until the last prison is destroyed!!
Faced with mass indifference, active anti-prison resistance!
As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!!

Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
May 20, 2017
Maximum Security Prison

Words from the compañerxs of Occupied Social Center Mauricio Morales

To the compañerxs in $hile, with great enthusiasm always for making us welcome to your activities from our corner of the world (Tijuana, Mexico), you are always in our hearts.

Our writing is dedicated to all that are interested in true affinity with the insurrection, to defeat every limitation whether it is self-imposed, imposed or imposed on others violently, yes, even if it is subtle and we do not realize it or chose to remain ignorant of it, but mainly that our beautiful violence is directed against all types of power that are afraid to see our blackened wings, since they violate us from the day we are born, imposing thousands of characteristics and expectations that do not let us think, deciding what should or should not be taught to us, what books, what television programs are allowed so that our ideas are blocked, teach us numbers to imprint into our heads how important it is to have a number higher than the next person, until you become insatiable for it, to have a mandate over others and feel proud to be an oppressor, where in order to not let you see the disgusting reality they give you a title that you take pride in, and say that you earned it, that you deserved it and that it was not easy to become ‘someone’, because before that you had no identity, just making you look like another number and yet you’re just a bigger figure now..let’s not swallow that story compañerxs, tear up all these delusional ideas shared by society that have become standardized.

The insurrection will not arrive by just mentioning it, we have to live it every day in every one of our actions.

Today we turn memory into a weapon 8 yerars since the fall in combat of the compañero Mauricio Morales, we remember as a consequence and as a result of his struggle. Today we turn memory into agitation against power, not out of idolatry, nor do we put it on an altar as the bourgeois do with there idols. It is to know that we are not alone in this, that there are compañerxs who have risked their lives in the confrontation against state-capital, this was how he lived. Our compañero ‘planted bombs’ as many pointed at him with their disgusting fingers, consistent with his anarchic / anti-authoritarian ideas in every action. They will always tell stories of his actions, his participation and of his presence in each action, but as an individuality, as somebody who knew how to see beyond. 8 years since his physical death early in the morning of May 22, 2009, we turn his memory into a practice against power.

Likewise we greet all the compañerxs who are confronting power, memory is not just remembering but actions, which are the best way to remember all fallen comrades, murdered, imprisoned or missing in action. Let the insurrection be permanent and the conspiracy continue to grow at all times.

Compañerx Mauricio Morales present, now and always!!
Fire and explosions to the state and its prisons!!
The offensive against all power and authority does not cease, it spreads; We are the Black Death!!
Before we sleep, let chaos burn!!

Occupied Social Center Mauricio Morales (Mexico)

Words from the compañerxs from the Black Arrow Anti-Authoritarian Library:

Dear compañerxs,
It is very important for us to write these words from the territory controlled by the ‘plurinational’ state of Bolivia, on an important date for the insurrectionary struggle, on which Mauricio Morales fell on May 20, 2009 on the eve of attacking the enemy. The enemy is everywhere, trying to maintain total control of everything that exists, however, we who recognize it as such, we struggle to dispense with its existence. We live in a place that does not exclude dominated and submissive societies, where capitalism advances voraciously destroying everything in its path, where they pursue those who refuse to be enslaved by their system.

Ancestral communities are attacked by the Power, in an attempt to exterminate everything that does not fit in to its idea of ‘development’, the control and total domination of nature, its advance – if we permit it- would be like surrendering, but we are not willing to accept such projects drenched in greed, of servility by the locals to other more powerful states, clear examples of these projects are the nuclear power plants and the explitations of uranium, the exploitation of lithium in the Salar de Uyuni, the Bala hydroelectric plants, Rositas and Chepete, the projects of the IRSSA and its roads of ‘integration’, as the TIPNIS, deforestation, mining, more stupid conflicts with Chile, we are plagued by many projects that try to crush the Pacha (Earth), but this should not resign us nor defeat us. In order to be able to generate and propagate ideas against dominance and authority we have created the Black Arrow Anti-Authoritarian Library in the city of La Paz, we still continue it, building step by step, however we have already taken the important step of opening our doors to all those who are interested in our library, where we have the pleasure of having material that features the beautiful and incendiary words of Punky Mauri.

Retrospectively speaking of May 29, 2012, an important event in which there was a hunt for anarchists and anti-authoritarians in the territory in which we live, one of our compañerxs was imprisoned and one went on the run- disregarding the prosecutors, the collaborators and the repentants- there were many groups before the arrests that attacked the physical structures of power, including anonymous insurrectional cells who remembered the death of Mauricio Morales, these facts were used by the Power to fantasize about the existence of an international network financed and structured in a hierarchical way, highlighting the ignorance of these authorities, in a ridiculous imitation of other operations, such as the Bombs Case in Chile for example. The accusation highlighted the criminalization of solidarity with imprisoned compañerxs in other States and disagreement with the imposed system as well as the fall of Mauricio. The case was dropped, but for us this attack of May 29, 2012, in which Power reduced us only quantitatively, has strengthened us and motivated us to keep fighting every day to live free of authority, knowing that the enemy is not just the ones who are in Power, it is also in the alternative spaces and among the platformists and reformists where good citizens believe that they are anarchists, it is important for us to highlight this because in this territory, these spaces are reduced to simple diffusers of the cultural and accomodated. We do not need any hierarchy, self-organization, affinity, horizontality and informality are our way of living free.

Solidarity with Venezuela, which is under heavy repression by Bolivarian socialism, we despise the opportunists of the Right trying to regain power. Bolivia is approaching a similar conflict of an economic and social nature, because poor people are dying in the streets and in hospitals the services help exterminate the poor, ‘disabled’ and uninsured because they are not labor intensive and are an economic burden. We sympathize with the cancer patients, who are protesting in agony, ignored by society and its authorities. There are millions of people who are trying to survive in the the countryside and the cities, the result of the populist bourgeois socialist regime that is just like every other one.

A few days to remember that five years ago we experienced the Repression of 29M, because each blow against one compañerx is a blow against every one of us. We send you a strong hug to all who have not forgotten Mauri, and made sure that the collective memory was not destroyed by the enemy, for a May 20 that is not erased from the Black Hearts.

Greetings to the social centers, prisoners, persecuted and anonymous of Chile and the rest of the world. Acknowledgments to the Sacco and Vanzetti Library which currently does not have a physical space, however they continue to exist after the Salamandra operation.

Black Arrow Anti-Authoritarian Library (Bolivia)


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