Santiago, Chile: New explosive attack claimed by Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla


At about 01:40AM on Monday, February 27, 2017, a loud explosion shook the wealthy suburb of Providencia on Suecia avenue between Cornel and Lota streets.

A fire extinguisher filled with gunpowder detonated in the Cap Ducal restaurant in front of the headquarters of the ultra-right political party UDI (Independent Democratic Union) without causing any major damage or any injuries. Immediately after the bombing, police and personnel from GOPE (Group of Special Police Operations) and LABOCAR (Criminal Laboratory of the Carabineros) arrived to inspect the area.

A leaflet was found at the scene which, according to quotations in the media, proclaimed:

“The justice of the street does not forgive nor does it forget. We are getting closer! …The real terrorists are in the Congress, the Palace and the institutions that govern the State..Take note, because we have returned. Neither Chileans, nor Argentines. Internationalists”.

The bastard secretary general of the ultra-right UDI, Pablo Terrazas said “We do not want to get used to these facts. This is not the first time that the UDI has been the victim of a bomb attack…It is unfortunate because we know that this comes from the left, who always try to silence us…I would like to see (some reaction from) the Communist Party, an announcement to the left, who are part of this government. Why do they not condemn these facts? There is always silent complicity in this (type of) attack that are always against the UDI”

The investigation of the attack, as with other attacks of this nature is in the hands of the Southern Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

Not long afterwards, the Teodoro Suarez Vandalism Gang from the Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla claimed responsibility for the explosive attack against the Cap Ducal restaurant. The group previously claimed an attack against the Mutual Circle of Retired Non-commissioned Officers of the Federal Police in Buenos Aires in July 2011.


Responsibility claim for the explosive attack against the Cap Ducal restaurant

“We warn you: be careful. In any part of the places you frequent there may be a bomb; In your homes, in your supermarkets, gyms, shops and restaurants. In short, your days of tranquility are over. Your neighbourhoods will be transformed into minefields, so take care of every step you take, because you may encounter our explosive charges.”

Iconoclastic Caravans For Free Will

Just like we did a couple of years ago in the territory dominated by the Argentine state, bombing its sacrificial banks (Palermo and Nación), the branches of two major airlines (American Airlines and Alitalia) and the Mutual Circle of Retired Non-commissioned Officers of the Federal Police, today we again attacked capitalist interests. This time it was the turn of the Chilean political-business mafia that stubbornly insists on believing that places like the one that we visited last night are safe.

The restaurant Cap Ducal, located at #281 Suecia Ave in the bourgeois Providencia commune was not a random target. Here the most diverse group of fascists meet. Sinister characters such as ex-DINA (National Intelligence Directorate) and former colonel, Cristian Labbe, currently prosecuted for various crimes against humanity, or the presidential candidate and daughter of the former Air Force Commander and member of the Military Junta, Fernando Matthei, Evelyn Matthei, who, like her father, played an important role during the Military Dictatorship, being the head of the AFP (Pension Funds Administration), are all recurring faces at this place. It should be noted that the disastrous pension model that this filth worked for is still to this day a headache for millions of Chileans. As you can see, the fruit never falls far from the tree, and in this case, its small and despicable daughter is no exception.

But it is not necessary to look for those responsible in the pages of the dictatorial history of this filthy country to realize that this place shelters rogues and leeches of all kinds. With that in mind it makes sense to take note of some of the endless provocations that have been realized by some of these dark characters, for example:

* Joaquín Lavín Infante: Supernumerary member of Opus Dei; Married to the daughter of former Fatherland and Liberty Nationalist Front member Alberto León Fuentes, one of his sons married the popular mayor of Maipú, Cathy Barriga, giving continuity to his political-economic legacy; During the dicatorship he was appointed dean of the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences at the University of Concepción for being functional to the policies of Pinochet; He is a Chicago Boy and directly responsible for the implantation of neoliberal doctrines that have made Chile one of the most unequal and unjust countries in the world; Today his is mayor of Las Condes; Between 2010 and 2011 he served as Minister of Education during the government of Piñera, his resignation was demanded for having capitalist interests in this area, since he was a founding member of the fascist University of Development and, as if that wasn’t enough, he profited from it along with his dear and despicable friends from the Penta group because, apart from being the owner of a percentage of the university, he was also an active member of Ainavillo real estate, who were responsible for the ‘lease and sublease of real estate, construction or modification and exploitation, as well as the administration and management of real estate business’ for the above mentioned house of studies where he managed to avoid the legal provision that, theoretically, prevents foundations and corporations for the purposes of profit; To all of the above, as if that were not enough, it should be added that he sold the rights over water to the company Aguas Andinas SA when he was mayor of Santiago (2000-2004), giving enormous financial support to his compadre, the fascist dog Andrés Chadwick, who was, along with others, a shareholder of the company. This is Joaquín Lavín, an experienced criminal who has used his strategic positions in national politics for his own benefit; Needless to mention, in addition to all of the above, is his total adherence to the Pinochet regime.

* Jacqueline van Rysselberghe: This psychiatrist currently serves as President of the UDI; His family has a history strongly linked to the political world (Tatarabuelo – Minister of Public Works – Abuelo – Director of Municipal Works, Councillor and then Mayor of Concepción – Father – Deputy of Concepción – Brother – Councillor for Concepción). For a while she was Intendant for Biobío region and a Councillor for Concepción as well as Mayor of this commune; Member of Opus Dei; in 2000 her father’s company (Constructora Rysselberghe and Co. Ltd) faced a lawsuit for a debt with CORFO for non-payment of a mortgage loan and another loan of $514,719,516 (plus IPC adjustments) from the Municipality of Concepción for the extraction and commercialization of non-patent aggregates between 1973 and 19996. On that occasion she faced the complaint without any consequences after she was elected Mayor; in 2011, the Comptrollers Office investigated left for the municipality of Concepción left during her term, which amounted to a deficit of 3 billion pesos, in addition to 623 million pesos that were not recorded in accounting, checks drawn for 157 million without being recorded in accounting and 4,133 million pesos listed as expired cheques; Today she is being investigated for bribery in the Corpesca case, after some emails between the current Senator and Luis Felipe Moncada (former president of the Fishing Industry Association) were leaked.

* Andrés Chadwick Piñera: This fascist dog was Deputy and Senator during his tenure; He was appointed president of FEUC by the Military Regime for being a faithful hound to the dictatorship’s designs; In 1977 he participated in the meeting organized by the Youth Front of National Unity in Cerro Chacarillas. Joaquín Lavín, Patricio Melero, Julio Dittborn, Pablo Longueira, Carlos Bombal and Juan Antonio Coloma, among others, also attended this meeting; Already in power, this piece of garbage did not think of anything better than imposing his limited doctrine, trying to promulgate, along with Longueira, a law in which marriage was consecrated as exclusive for men and women; Being a shareholder of Banco Penta saw his actions fall to the ground after the tremendous scandals in which his cronies were enveloped; As a shareholder of Enersis SA and Copec SA (of the Angelini group), it was not uncommon for the Energy Minister Jorge Bunster of having a conflict of interest with his portfolio; How can we forget when this pig, trying to protect politicians linked to emblematic cases of corruption, tried to whiten them as Government Spokesperson under the command of Sebastián Piñera (his cousin-brother), saying that these little white doves could delete the investigated emails for being a part of their private lives; Nor can we forget when this coward applauded what today still terrifies thousands of poor and marginalized people in the countryside and the cities, the infamous Preventative Identity Control, which empowers the police to undo and redo in the sectors of popular origin; And not to mention when this fascist hound supported the terrorist actions of the carabinero who violated students following the massive mobilizations of protest during an already distant year of 2011. As if this were not enough, he did whatever was humanly possible to remove his heroes of the homeland from the prisons of luxury where they were serving sentences for human rights violations, as all of Chile could hear in the Chamber of Deputies in his capacity as Minister of the Interior; This is Andrés Chadwick, a facetious dog thirsting to bite back.

* Ena von Baer Jahn: Until recently she was the vice-president of the UDI; She has been Senator of the Republic twice; She was spokesperson during the rule of Sebastián Piñera; Her grandfather was a member of the Nazi Special Forces who very bravely escaped at the end of the conflict, evading any responsibility to justice, which, by the way, now seems to be a family trait (cowardice); She has been part of the putrid Liberty and Development Institute, being the director of the Politics and Society Program, where among other topics, she had the temerity to speak about the anarchist comrades Francisco Solar and Mónica Caballero and about the peñis and lamienes who resist in militarized Wallmapu; She has taught at the elitist Adolfo Ibáñez University as well as the Development University (owned by her idol Joaquín Lavín), where she has been heard on more than one occasion to venerate dictatorial work and defend profiting from education; We also had to listen to this scum vomit their ‘pseudo-ideals’ on several Sundays in the year 2010 via the television program ‘National State’; but if all this was not enough, this snake is also being investigated in two case of corruption, after communications were leaked on December 18, 2013 where this piece of garbage asks for 100 million pesos from Carlos Alberto Délano to pay her debts from her election campaign. Subsequently extracts of the statement of the latter were leaked to the prosecutor investigating the case, where he notes that Von Baer personally went (together with Jovino Novoa) to request financial support for her candidacy.

* Jovino Novoa: Founding member of the UDI and in his time he was also its President; He was President of the Senate, during his time he was also Senator for Santiago; Under Secretary General for Pinochet between 1979 and 1982, during the time that Tucapel Jiminez was assassinated by elements of the CNI linked to the Department of Civil Organizations, which was under his command; That same year he assumed the role of publisher of informative sevices for the daily liar The Mercury, which did not cease in covering up the sinister assemblies of the CNI in those years; in 2003 he was involved in the Spiniak Case, being acquitted by the benevolent justice of the rich; Today he has been condemened to a ridiculously light sentence for tax crimes by the rich bourgeois justice for the Penta and SQM cases, where he received the sum of 30 million pesos to finance political campaigns in an illegal manner after recognizing that he had occupied ideologically false ballots, evaded tax and made false returns from the SII to the Pena group.

* Hernan Larrain: Like the dog Chadwick and the miserable wretch Longueira, he was instructed by his mentor, the now dead Jaime Guzmán, in Colonia Dignidad (Dignity Colony). In fact, this pig was a member of the Friends of Colonia Dignidad Corporation, a place known for providing various types of support for the Pinochet regime and the continuation of human rights violations; He was President of the Senate and until recently was President of the UDI; He joined the Standing Committee on Agriculture, Decentralization, Regionalization, Legislation and Justice, and taking advantage of his powers as a senator – which he still has – approved the ‘Monsanto Law’, which greatly benefits foreign capital by giving them legal coverage in the regime that regulates licences for crop farmers, promoting privatized seeds and genetically modified food to the detriment of natural biodiversity. It privatizes the seed and assigns it a code which is then paid for by the consumer, taking advantage of a loophole in the genetically modified food categorization in favor of big industry. It is also worth mentioning the strong debate regarding the generation of cancer cells following the consumption of genetically modified foods, which are incredibly harmful to people’s health. Is there any doubt as to who this pig is?

* Juan Antonio Coloma: This homophobic cockroach was Deputy from the beginning of the Transition (period between the end of the dictatorship and the beginning of bourgeois ‘democracy’) until 2002, later he became Senator, a position that he still occupies until the present day; He has been Secretary General and President of the UDI, and is currently its Vice President; in 1977 he was designated President of the FEUC (Federation of Catholic University Students) to adhere to and be functional for the regime, That same year he participated as president of the organization that chaired the meeting in Cerro Chacarillas; He was a member of the Standing Committee on Agriculture in which he voted as a parliamentarian in favor of the ‘Monsanto Law’, giving a strong economic backing to the family of ultra-fascist Senator Ena Von Baer, as his father owns a large genetically modified seed company in the south of the country.

* Pablo Longueira: This xenophobic snake began his political career during his university days as president of the Center for Engineering Students and then of the Feceh (University of Chile Student Federation, an organization which replaced the Fech – which was banned during the dictatorship), to later become one of founders and most revered members of the UDI; From the ‘democratic’ Transition until 2006 he was Deputy, to then become Senator until 2011, a position that he also left to take charge of the Ministry of the Economy under the government of Piñera; This cowardly former presidential candidate has enriched himself enormously, taking advantage of his extensive powers to try and promote various initiatives as a parliamentarian; Most well known is the famous ‘Fisheries Act’ or ‘Longueira Law’, which greatly benefited big industry to the detriment of the artisanal fishermen. In this way, this individual received – via different suppliers – no less than the sum of 730 million pesos between September 2009 and March 2015 from, among others, the Corpesca company, controlled mainly by the Angelini family as a bribe to ensure that the law would be favorable to them; But this scoundrel has not only been enriched at the cost of our ignorance, but he has also mocked us all on countless occassions. How can we forget when this opportunist pirahna to use the sensitive issue of Disappeared Detainees for his own self-benefit; Not to mention the paradoxical result of the so-called ‘Lago-Longueira Agreement’ of January 17, 2003, to modernize the state and make a politically negotiated settlement to the numerous cases of corruption that affected institutional stability; The SQM case, controlled by Julio Ponce Lerou, Pinochet’s former son-in-law, where he was also involved, only serves to corroborate the political life of a wolf dressed sheep’s clothing.

* Jaime Orpis: This shameful and cowardly bird of prey used nothing more and nothing less than the current account of his own secretary for the payment of bank credits with which he even gave to the luxury of paying up to the Yacht Club of Frutillar, funds received, by the way, with the bribes from Corpesca in exchange for voting in the Senate in favor of the interests of the fishing industry; if this were not enough, to this xenophobic parliamentarian we can attribute, in addition to the more than 235 million pesos stolen via ideologically false ballots, the responsibility for the fact that areas of Parinacota, Arica and Tarapacá are practically war zones for undocumented and illegal migrants, since that under his management as Senator of the 1st Constituency the border and security systems were strengthened. As well as being a thief and a coward, he also turns out to be a xenophobic discriminator.

All these filth are militants of the extreme right and assiduous diners at the Cap Ducal. Also, we have seen them ourselves, we have observed them at their meetings, while they eat, drink and laugh.

The Cap Ducal is not a neutral restaurant, quite the opposite. It is an entry point, of meetings, linkage, planning and support that shelters miserable politicians, many of them involved in multiple scandals. Additionally, it should be noted that the owner of this chain of hotels and restaurants is none other than Tomas de Rementaria, founder of not only these club, but also (along with Ricardo Lagos) of the PPD (Party for Democracy). It is worth pointing out that this guy besides being a prominent businessman, was Councilman of Viña del Mar and a militant of the Chilean PS (Socialist Party). After all, they are all the same, they all have lunch together, they do business, they are friends and family. Repeated cases of corruption can account for this. They shake hands, smile and pose in photographs for posterity while people are swindled.

In the face of such infamy our response is forceful! We light the dynamite of Emile Henry and we blow up their centers of power!

With this text, we claim the explosive attack that occured before dawn on Monday (27/02) in this area. We attacked one of the dens where Chilean fascism meets disguised in suits and elegant costumes to cook the laws and decrees with which they crush civil society as a whole purely for their own benefit. And they should thank us for having the decorum – which they certainly do not deserve – to visit this place at night and not in broad daylight, since we could have done so, and of course we would not have missed. We decided on this course of action as a clear political position so as not to hurt inoccent people and workers at the restaurant.

We dedicate this action to the revolutionaries of yesterday and today, Freddy Fuentevilla Saa, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda and Juan Aliste Vega, unyielding prisoners who hold firm to their convictions from the High Security Prison with a dignity that is greater than the walls that enclose them, facing fascism in all its various manifestations and forms.

In conclusion, we do not want to limit our words to mere justifications for our action. We can attest that it was a great pleasure to carry out this attack. We toast the fact that we were able to operate in the commune where these gentlemen feel untouchable. We will continue to take the Social War right up to the doors of their homes.

The justice of the street does not forgive nor does it forget! We are getting closer!

The real terrorists are in the Congress, the Palace and the institutions that govern the State!

Take note, because we have returned!!
Neither Chileans nor Argentines!!
As long as there is misery there will be rebellion!!

Teodoro Suarez Vandalism Gang
Antagonistic Nuclei of the New Urban Guerrilla

(via Noticias de la Guerra Social, translated by Insurrection News)