Santiago, Chile: Barricades of fire – Sebastián Oversluij Seguel presente!


We re-appropriate time, meaning that we recover it, we steal it. Only via this way are we able to be in communion with other individuals to raise an operational coordination with the aim of questioning and striking the established order. Convinced of this we appeared with barricades on several streets and avenues of Santiago taking action against the existing order that the powerful intend to dominate us with.

This propaganda action that we carried out in the streets of the city was loaded with vengeful memory since 6 years of absolute impunity have already taken place since the state of Chile massacred 81 prisoners. Indeed it was at dawn on December 8, 2010 in the north and south wings of the 4th floor, Tower 5 of San Miguel prison where the state machinery revealed its true face, this time without concealing or hiding the torture and the death that tragically embodied the incinerated bodies of 81 people.

As anti-authoritarians/anarchists we do not make double readings of these facts for anything accidental, our position is clear and from the streets we made an explicit call for open conflict against all those who are part of the prison structure regardless of the degree of responsibility that they have.

The best act of memory is to have their deaths always present and to plan our revenge against the state, its apparatuses and it official accomplices – in the case the sinister institution of the Gendarmerie.

Strengthening the illegalist memory we remember the compañero Sebastian Oversluij who fell in combat during an expropriation of a state bank in Pudahuel. 3 years after his death we reaffirm and claim his action as one of the many practices that revolutionaries, anti-authoritarians and anarchists have used throughout history to confront dominion.

Angry in our memory, always present.

To unleash the conflict against all forms of exploitation and authority!
To multiply the informal networks of attack!

Av. Lo Ovalle / San Francisco
Av. Santa Rosa / Victoria
Av. Vicuña Mackenna / Benito Rebolledo (SAN JOAQUIN WOMENS PRISON)
Av. Santa Rosa / Av. Departmental
Route 68 / Carabineros School of Cavalry

Appendix 1: Prison officials present on the day of the fire in San Miguel prison:

  1. Cristian Flores (Camera Operator)
  2. José Hormazabal (Head of Night Watch)
  3. José Poblete (Sentinel)
  4. Francisco Riquelme (Sentinel)
  5. Edith Ramirez (Second Lieutenant)
  6. Cesar Gómez (Guardia Armada)
  7. Fernando Andrés Orrego Galarce (He left the gendarmerie after the massacre)
  8. Victor Fierro Pino: (Sub-Official)
  9. Gerardo Verizo Marín
  10. Marcelo Gajardo Bravo


  1. Jaime San Martín Vergara
  2. Carlos Bustos Hofmann
  3. Patricio Campos Tapia
  4. José Hormazabal Sánchez
  5. José Fco. Poblete Valverde
  6. Francisco Javier Riquelme Lagos
  7. Segundo Arnoldo Barria

(via 325, translated by Insurrection News)