Porto Alegre, Brazil: Arson attack against São Pedro Parish in Floresta barrio



Received and translated on 16.11.16:

The earth from time to time rebelliously rebuilds what was thought extinct. These are the offshoots of rebellious roots and seeds that spread with the wind.

Here this already weary land has know the project of western civilization for over 500 years, and since then the contractors have drained all available life to execute their desires.
For each ship of expedition and conquest brought with them the objects of worship, the mystique, which in the service of power sought to dominate minds, bodies and spirits.

In each new settlement the civilizational project tried to impose itself: the church in the center, omnipresent, a market, a government, a chain…Masses, sermons, laws and punishments. The educational task of the church was to monitor and punish.The beatings and the executions in the public squares were spectacles that affirmed the norm: “Do what we say or we will break you.”

It’s project was implemented with lies, fire and bullets
Speaking the language, listening to the voices became forbidden
And to those who resisted, they tore off their ears and tongues
Did they want us to not hear the voices of the world around us?
These voices are not always human…

The engine of civilization is the violence, terror and subjugation that seeks the benefit of some causing the suffering of the rest. The conquering, oppressive, now bourgeois eye transforms everything it sees into an object of desire, possession and benefit, assuring itself privilege and domination.

The whole world is consumed for the interests of elites. It is produced, consumed, dying without being masters of wills and destinies.
The executioner speaks of morality and well-being. It preaches ‘clean living’ and offers salvation. With its disgusting mouth it devours everything it can and thus devours lives.
It speaks of peace. It manufactures weapons.
It speaks of well-being. It poisons your business.
It speaks of freedom and imposes the slavery of obedience.

But the blood of warriors runs in rivers and streams and feeds the quiet earth.
And in every stone, every tree and every tree is written the nameless.

Today we celebrate with our dead, we celebrate with our ancestors. They live  with us, their steps are ours. We celebrate their combative and rebellious lives, the tips of their spears that pierced the eyes of Portuguese, French, English and Spanish civilized conquerors. We celebrate their rebellions against the Inquisition and their insurrections against the civilizing immortals. Their revenge is ours. We celebrate their memory through the flames that we inflicted upon the doors of a church. The same civilizing church of 500 years ago, a symbol of civilizing and civic morality…because we know that the god they created is an eternal dictator…

War against civilization and its State…

via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com