Poland: 3 anarchist comrades accused of attempting to torch police cars, 1 beaten in custody


On the night between Sunday the 22nd & Monday the 23rd of May three comrades were detained near the car park of South Warsaw police station. Cops claim to have found an explosive device under a police car. All three comrades were taken into custody at the station and one comrade was severely beaten. The comrades refused to cooperate and denied all accusations of ‘terrorism’ and attempting to bomb the police station. The comrades received support from the anarchist community and 3 squats from Warsaw (Przychodnia, Syrena, Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe) and were provided with legal representation.

The same day police raided and tried to evict Radykalne Ogrody Działkowe squat where one of the arrested comrades lived and search for evidence. According to the “Reclaim The Fields” website: “Cops arrived between 4 and 5AM. They invaded the squat area by cutting fences and demolishing the gate with a forklift. Six undercover police invaded people’s rooms. One friend woke up and found himself surrounded by cops questioning him about his identity. They then proceeded to search the entire squat.”

Warsaw anarchist collectives all released statements saying that they reject the terrorist accusations that have been made by the mainstream media and that they stand in solidarity with the accused comrades. Humiliating photos of the 3 anarchists in handcuffs and taking alcohol tests were published in the press.

The anarchist community of Warsaw has pointed to the fact that the media reaction to the latest events are an attempt to legitimize the new antiterrorist act that is being discussed by the Polish government. They also pointed out that about two weeks ago a young man named Igor was beaten to death at a police station in Wroclaw and that the legal system is protecting the murderers.

Poznań Anarchist Federation released a statement which strongly pointed out that “In these times where state power is shifting rapidly into authoritarian rule and state of emergency conditions are applied more severely each day the attempt to torch some police cars is called ‘terrorism’ and two bottles filled with petrol are called a ‘bomb’. This is nothing more than an attempt to distract the public from obvious incidents of police brutality and abuse of the law”. The comrades from Poznań reminded people about the dramatic death of Romanian prisoner Claudiu Crulic who died in Kraków prison after two months of hunger strike.

Another statement came from Łukasz Bukowski, our imprisoned anarchist comrade who is behind bars because he refused to pay court fines imposed on him as an act of judicial revenge for his political activity helping poor families resist evictions in Poznań.

He wrote: “I just received the news about the three comrades taken into custody in Warsaw accused of the so-called bomb attack on the police station. Regardless of the validity of the accusations we must support them. Throughout history the struggle for freedom has always used a variety of methods and tactics to fight oppression. Even if we don’t support insurrectionary tactics we cannot deny the effectiveness and strength of solidarity support. I know this because I myself have experienced it’s uplifting strength. Solidarity is our weapon”.

Grecja w Ogniu stands in solidarity with the arrested comrades who were forcibly and illegally abducted by the state regime and suffered acts of physical and psychological terror while in custody and whose lives now depend on regime puppets in uniforms.

We will publish separate statements in the coming days.

We are all calling for action in solidarity and support of all of the three prisoners of the state!

Police bastards we are going to remember every one of your assaults and aggressions against our comrades!

Eternal war against banks, cops and prisons!

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