Paris, France: 6 Post Office Vans Torched for Subversive May


When we attack one of the aspects of this world it is above all for ourselves. To take back a little of this life that is stolen from us every day. But that’s not all. On our side we also want to convey a message of solidarity to anarchists who face repression because of similar actions (or not, by the way). To let them know that we carry them in our hearts, that we do not forget then, that their fight is not in vain. The same goes for those who have died, who are not heroes to celebrate but comrades. And that’s enough.
For Mikhail, for Alexis and for Mauricio then.
For all the comrades hit by the repression in Italy: those convicted in the Scripta Manent trial, and those facing operations Panico, Prometeo, Renata and Scintila, Juan and Manu, Boba, Leo and many others.

As a small contribution to the call for a Subversive May, for the permanent war against this society, on the night of May 28 we burned six Post Office van on rue Bourseul (15th arrondissement) in Paris.

(via Attaque, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)