Naples, Italy: September carrion – Operation “Scripta Manent”



At about 5.00 this morning, September 6, almost like an anniversary or the tax on garbage due, a pack of guard dogs materialized outside my door.

They were not begging for nuggets, biscuits or bones but weapons, explosives, claims, Croce Nera Anarchica, Pagine in Rivolta and KNO3 …

With the arrogance typical of watchdogs, they pushed into the house and started rummaging, not before having delivered me the formal invitation signed, not by me of course, but a certain Roberto M. Sparagna who works as inquisitor on behalf of the Prosecutor of Turin.

Apart from a few “Cobra” firecrackers and a smoke bomb they did not find anything else “dangerous” and gave vent their hunger on newspapers, pamphlets and posters, especially from Greece and Mexico, the above Italian anarchist publications and others, posters with FAI / FRI symbols as well as a good amount of correspondence even from decades ago.

After turning my room upside down and visiting those of my roommates, they asked me to accompany them to the police station to list the sum total of the raid and receive a receipt of confiscation.

Once again, with Septembrian surgical precision, they have unleashed raids and issued notifications of impending investigations; but above all some comrades have been kidnapped, 8 to be precise…

This time, in order to gain a place on the State payroll for a few years, the prosecutor R. M. Sparagna had to fish in troubled waters, going back to events that happened in 2003 (who knows if the next inquisitor will accuse and arrest us for the “Matese uprising” or the “revolt of Piombino “…

Those that the “wig” on duty is turning to, and has summed up under “270bis”, are attacks carried out from 2003 onwards with the signature FAI / FRI, not knowing that back in 2004 someone from Rome had tried with “Operation Cervantes” and a couple of years later with the operation against the comrades of the then Croce Nera Anarchica [Anarchist Black Cross].

The arrest of our comrades will not succeed in making us beat a retreat, so arm yourselves with “holy inquisitorial” patience because you will have to wake us up at dawn for a long time…if you can find us still in our beds…Alfredo, Nicola, Anna, Marco, Alessandro, Daniele, Danilo and Valentina will not be left alone even for a second.

Our thoughts will be with them every moment of their sequestered lives, in their every breath, in each one of our steps along the paths of the dark woods.

I, myself and me

Naples, 6 September 2016