Montevideo, Uruguay: Incendiary Attack Against the Argentine Military Attaché’s Office [by Invisible Nocturnal Commando]


At dawn on Tuesday the 24th of October, an incendiary attack was carried out on the building that houses the Argentine Military Attaché’s office in Montevideo. The attack caused significant damage to the facade of the building.

Faced with the official silence that seeks to silence our action, we chose to write this claim of responsibility to give it meaning and context.

With the confirmation of the death of comrade Santiago Maldonado focusing the eye of the world on the Mapuche conflict, we decided to attack this symbol of the Argentine State to express solidarity with the cause of the oppressed – in this case the Mapuche people, and to avenge and vindicate our fallen comrade.

We denounce the connivance between the Argentine State and the multinational Benetton, legal but illegitimate owner of more than one million hectares in the Argentine Patagonia, where in addition to raising sheep for the textile industry, it is dedicated to multiple contaminating extractive projects such as mining, deforestation and the cultivation of transgenic soybeans.

We salute with our raised fists the Mapuche brothers who continue to resist the oppressive wingka* and demand the immediate release of Facundo Jones Huala.

Santiago lives in the struggle of the oppressed!
Long live anarchy!

Invisible Nocturnal Commando

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)

*Mapuche expression for usurpers / thieves

**Mapuche expression – Ten times the victory!