Minneapolis, USA: Can’t Freeze Us Out – Report back from New Year’s Eve noise demonstration


The following report back from New Year’s Eve in Minneapolis was one of many noise demonstrations which happened that day

On New Year’s Eve an assorted crew of rebels braved the sub-zero temperatures in Minneapolis and met in a park downtown to participate in the decade-old tradition of showing people behind bars some love.

A small crowd accompanied by percussion instruments and a sound system made their way to the youth jail. After a brisk walk, we arrived at the jail blasting music for everyone locked up inside. Very soon the first heads started popping up in the narrow windows.

We greeted those inside with chants of “Burn all the jails, burn all the prisons, just make sure the cops are in ’em!” and “free the kids!” After the short dance party, we moved on before police arrived.

We headed back to the park and dispersed into the night. Even though it was a small gathering, we showed love and solidarity to those who can’t celebrate the New Year with their friends and loved ones, letting them know they are not alone.

via itsgoingdown.org