Mexico: Call from Anarchist Prisoner Fernando Bárcenas to Support the Autonomous Prison Library Project


10.10.17: To the rebellious compañerxs

I write to all those who build their paths of autonomy, to remember that within these walls we try to steal our precious time from the machinery, generating moments of clarity in a suffocating world…that is how, in recent years, proposals for resistance have emerged, from isolated struggles in forgotten areas, screams that are lost in the darkness, to moments of informal organization in the daily life of the open regime, in other words in the general population, where almost three years agao the idea emerged to create an alternative space where prisoners could show that there is already enough of such annihilation, we know that the prison system is designed to subject our minds and bodies to the structure of commerce, so we are not going to ask them to change, we know that money is the language of the powerful and for that reason we have no requests, we just want to self-manage our lives within these walls because we know that all their social rehabilitation programs seek to create are submissive, repentant, guilty beings who will accept slave labor at the hands of prison officials.

So the idea of establishing an alternative library in the auditorium of the Northern Prison has emerged. But to build this project of autonomy and to ensure it succeeds, we need your support and solidarity, because within prison we are repressed more effectively and that is why this is a call to all those who know that in this war, we need them, only with you can we gain the strength to confront the rotten logic of the system…

Do not leave us alone in building a space for more autonomy, our struggle is no less important, we are also slaves, children of a war, labelled criminals, and this is why they marginalize us, but together with you we can demonstrate that we are capable of living in freedom in the here and now, even though it is behind stone walls…

That is why we ask for support to maintain this project, the autonomous library in the Northern Prison.

With love and strength to all

Fernando Bárcenas

(via Contra Info, translated by Insurrection News)