Matraville, Australia: Black Lives Matter Statement from Prisoners


Received on 15.06.2020:

13.06.2020: Organisers were unable to read this out last night at the Stop All Deaths in Custody – BLM rally due to the incredible waste of taxpayer dollars by Police suppressors! We will never stay silent. These are our streets. We walked with FNP on Gadigal Land – Never Ceded. This statement was also supported by prisoners at the MRRC Silverwater prison.

Statement from Prisoners in Long Bay Jail

We prisoners passionately embrace the commitment of Black Lives Matter, other organisations and people to force change on the way authorities degrade, attack and kill us.

The public saw them gas us at Long Bay Prison on Monday June 8. That was standard treatment. There was no de-escalation, negotiation or use of intermediaries. There was no permission for our representative Inmate Development Committee to speak to the media about our views on the George Floyd killing, the David Dungay killing and the changes recommended by the Coroner. We couldn’t report on how nothing has changed and the certainty that deaths in custody will continue through this brutal treatment.

Please help us to have our voices heard in all these forums, rather than be dehumanised as though we are of no value and have no rights. Stop all unsafe restraints now!

Prisoners of Long Bay Jail