Lisbon, Portugal: Action for lost comrades

Received 12/01/2019

In December comrades from Lisbon, we sprayed the walls of the city. 
In particular, slogans were written in police patrol areas, on streets next to police stations, in the central tourist spots of the city, on an innovation center and on a building that belongs to the city council. This movement is a contribution to the memory of the comrades who have lost their lives battling against the system of sovereignty and enforcement. 
We still keep the vision, the questions and the answers December ’08 left for us, with the hope and the will to spread the seeds of December for a global society without oppressors and oppressed people.

From Alexis Grigoropoulos and Zak Kostopoulos, to Clemet Meric and Paulos Fyssas, the exact essence of the state is one. Death.

Freedom to all political prisoners.
Act locally,
think globally



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