Besançon, France: Arson Attack Against a Polysecurité Vehicle


Post-Riot, Saturday, January 5th, 2019

Cars, they burn every night.

It is rare that cars belonging to the ones who make this world of control and exploitation work are targeted. And to make them go up in smoke requires a good dose of rage and abnegation.

And yet…a few hours after the clashes in Chamars, a car belonging to a surveillance technology company was torched on Clémenceau Avenue: Polysecurité, a small local company, installs everyday video surveillance systems and burglar alarms.

It is none the less harmful for any individuality tending towards freedom.

War against technologies of control and surveillance.

R.I.C.- Insurgent Foxes for Chaos

(via Sans Attendre Demain, translated into English for Mpalothia by Anarchists Worldwide)