Leipzig, Germany: 18.03.17. – They shall not pass! #Antifa #NoPasaran


Burning barricades, smashed windows, injured cops and an overall damage of several hundreds of thousands. That’s been the price the City of Leipzig payed when it tried to enable Neonazis to rally through the south of Leipzig on December 12th 2015. Material used: a thousand cops, several water cannons and expired gas grenades.

Only one month later the same nazis made it true and attacked Connewitz. Though they did announce some of their plannings online, German intelligence (“Verfassungsschutz”) warned about left-wing violence, while more than 200 nazis parked their cars, marched through half the quarter unnoticed by local police and finally attacked over a dozen shops and bars at Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße.

On March 18th 2017 they target Connewitz again. As in 2015, Leipzig chapter of DIE RECHTE with their leader Alexander Kurth announces to rally through the south of Leipzig, following the “Front-Town concept” of Christian Worch.

This “bravery” of the nazi-scene is but one result of a society moving right and the actual blindness of local authorities when it comes to nazi activity in Germany.

Still, Connewitz is known as one of the left-wing hotspots in Saxony and therefore a pain in the ass for nazis. They showed us what they are able to when the quarter is left unattended because of other right-wing rallies in the city centre, as it happened on January 11th 2016. That’s why it’s crucial on March 18th to have as many people as possible scattering the streets with protest and resistance, giving nazis and their friends the most unpleasant day of their lives. We expect some violent hooligans to attend the rally, see for a better picture of the nazis involved in the January attacks.

The broad and creative calls to action in December 2015 mobilized thousands to the streets, making that day a disaster to the cops as well. This is why we should prepare for even more of them with far better structure. We need to answer with even more protesters and action.

We therefor invite each and everyone of you to come to join us on March 18th 2017. Support the antifascist protest, at the streets and beyond.


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