İzmir, Turkey: Incendiary Actions by Kurdish Youth in Revenge for Civilians Massacred in Afrin


15.02.18: In a written statement, angry Kurdish youth have claimed responsibility for incendiary attacks against a State-owned gymnasium and a bakery owned by an AKP collaborator. In their statement they declare: “We call on all Kurdish youths to take action against the fascist Turkish state everywhere. No young person should wait for a leader, because every Kurdish youth is a leader by nature”.

The balance of their actions is as follows:

In İzmir, a group of Kurdish youths in the Gaziemir district took action against a State-owned gymnasium. During the action, the boiler room exploded and part of the building collapsed causing a great deal of damage. The action was carried out in revenge for a family of 28 in Afrin, 17 of whom have been killed.

In İzmir, in the Karabağlar district, Kurdish youth carried out a gas canister bomb attack against a bakery owned by an AKP collaborator. The action destroyed the entire bakery and injured the collaborator. The action was carried out for the children in Afrin who lost their lives due to Turkish Military air raids. In addition, they wrote that their anger was great and that everyone who was involved in this massacre would be the target of future actions.

(via Nûçe Ciwan, translated by Insurrection News)

via insurrectionnewsworldwide.com