Italy: Updates on ‘operation Panico’


On 9th January, after about 2 years, the closure of ‘operation Panico’ was notified, so we had access to almost all the investigation files. After getting a genetics expert to examine the forensic report concerning the evidence, DNA sample-taking and relative tests, we considered the possibility of submitting a request for Ghespe’s release to the investigating judge. In fact, since the arrest was confirmed in August, the latter had put in question the accusatory framework of what, to us, seemed no more than a police reprisal along with the inevitable ROS. Therefore as a purely technical choice, we decided to request interrogations in order to slow down the judicial proceedings and the passage of the documents from the investigating judge to the judge for preliminary hearings.

This unusual move was interpreted by the press as a sign of fear due to the gravity of the charges, and the possibility that someone might talk  whetted the appetite of prosecutors and Digos. In all their misery, well versed as they are in the art of defamation, the journalists reported that this was about to happen. Sadly for them, on the contrary we all had recourse to our right to not respond, and gave spontaneous statements individually as happened in February (2017) on the occasion of the interrogations concerning the collective charge of organized crime and the squalid hierarchical subdivisions and roles between comrades in Florence.

Unfortunately, however, that same day we learned of the prosecutors’ move to drop the charge of organized crime against Ghespe and proceed separately for him as regards the events on new year’s eve, thus speeding up the procedure and appoint a judge for preliminary hearings for him. The intent, pretty clear, seems to be that of getting a sentence without wasting time on other questions.

Meantime on 21st February Michele, Ale and Fra were sentenced to one year for resisting a violent police control, an event for which other comrades were investigated in ‘operation Panico’. It’s worth pointing out that the judge would grant bail release for two of them if compensation for the damage on a carabinieri car was paid. However an appeal will be presented. On 26th March there will be the court of cassation for Paska concerning the arrests of August and the charges of attempted murder and fabrication of explosives; the same will take place on 5thApril for Giova with the addition of a request for imprisonment also for organized crime, whereas for Nicola request was for compulsory residence and reporting to the police station only for organized crime. Following the positive result of the court of review concerning the 3 comrades accused of throwing molotov at carabinieri barracks, no one was sent to trial on these charges. The dates for the preliminary hearings will be set soon.

Solidarity with Ghespe and all the comrades struck by repression.

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Translated by act for freedom now!