Italy: “Prometeo” repressive operation – Update on Natascia


Received 29/09/2019

Italy: “Prometeo” repressive operation

Update on Natascia and a few words on the reasons given to confirm her precautionary custody in prison (September 2019)

“Trials are set up for anarchists for what anarchists are, enemies of the State”.

A little more than one week ago, a public ordinance of the Milan tribunal was published, which outlined the reasons given during the review that confirmed her precautionary custody while she is awaiting trial. This previously happened with Robert and Beppe, who were also arrested on 21 May as part of a repressive operation called “Prometeo”.

A slew of reasons were subdivided into many paragraphs that were titled, “degree of harmfulness of rudimentary ordnances sent”, “the need for precautionary measures”, “evidence of serious indications of guilt” and the “juridical qualification of the offence in the perspective of some constituent elements, including under the profile of the psychological element”.

All indications point to the fact that it is what the accused represent as individuals, more than proof that is incontrovertible or incontestable. In fact the paragraph on the “degree of harmfulness of rudimentary ordnances sent” concludes with “that being said, even if we wanted to believe that the ordnances were not such as to put the lives of the recipients at risk […] the College considers that the crime and the potential […] are unveiled in any case – for the methods of conduct, the personalities of the accused and the context in which they were involved – a significant danger of the material authors, with consequent substantial irrelevance, in terms of a strictly precautionary assessment, of the effective attitude of the ordnances to disrupt the lives of people”.

In the paragraph that concerns the “evidence of serious indications of guilt”, the same tribunal affirmed that although “it is certainly true, as indicated by the defence, that on the basis of the current emergency it was not possible in terms of absolute certainty what the two accused had bought”, the fact that two individual anarchists were found together in that store and in that period was considered an indication of guilt.

Moving on to telephone tapping, the same ordinance stated, “In general terms, both the ordinance and the defence point out that no conversation referred in specific terms to the incriminating facts, nor are there sufficiently specific references to a fear of being arrested for the incriminating facts.

Nevertheless, on one hand, the intercepted conversations did not provide favourable information about the accused, on the other hand, the content of some conversations, although sometimes fragmentary (marked by incomprehensible passages or are difficult to read) provide clear elements of the context, to support the prosecutorial system”.

This means that none of the interceptions prove their guilt. “NEVERTHELESS”, they are anarchists and therefore enemies of the state. And if their conversations don’t prove their guilt, neither do they prove their innocence. In this way, between words abstracted from the rest of the sentences and decontextualized from the thread of the discussion, venting and personal conversations that are used and consumed by the tribunals, anarchists are being tried for what they represent as “serious indications of guilt”.

It is always with this modus operandi that the phrase of a friend and comrade that in the course of a telephone conversation, and in response to a bit of venting by Nat (of a political nature) “all of this social tension will sooner or later explode (becoming confrontational)” was cut to become “sooner or later it will explode” on the trial papers and indeed slammed and reported together with the rest of the interceptions in the newspapers, with the first and last name of a friend and comrade in question.

In the same way, they reported conversations in which personal options and political positions are all transformed by the authors of the ordinance into “allusions”, that then become in effect “signs of guilt”, exactly like the posters attached to a wall at home, solidarity and correspondence with prisoners and the network of relationships and friendship with other anarchists. Nothing new, in fact.

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It will be a very costly trial because the defence team needs to collaborate with various technicians and experts. We invite individuals from different realities, connected and in solidarity, to support Natascia, Robert and Beppe and to contribute to their procedural expenses by using the following coordinates:

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LET’S NOT STOP BREAKING THE ISOLATION OF NAT, ROBERT AND BEPPE! Letters, postcards, books and music are oxygen when someone is locked in a cage! Nat has let us know that she currently prefers reading graphic novels and fiction. It is preferable to use a shipping method that can be tracked to avoid our mail from becoming “lost”, as often happens with letters sent with ordinary stamps. With POSTA 1 or a registered letter/package, it’s difficult for them to “lose” it since it is traceable and requires a receipt. We want to remind you the addresses for writing to our comrades:

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Giuseppe Bruna
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