Italy: New bank account for benefits and solidarity contributions

“Panico” operation - (December 2019)

Received 29/12/2019

Italy: “Panico” operation – New bank account for benefits and solidarity contributions (December 2019)

We changed the card to collect the benefit money for the “Panico” operation, both for the legal costs and those of the prisoners. The new coordinates are:

Postepay evolution card n. 5333 1710 9589 2077. Accountholder: Micol Marino. IBAN: IT22M3608105138272359572366.

The previous card will no longer be used.

The reasons for the sentence were filed on December 4th, and the deadlines for appealing expire around 20 January.

On 22 July 2019, at the Florence court, was issued the sentence in the first instance trial for the “Panico” operation (eight anarchists arrested and imprisoned, searches and eviction of “La Riottosa” anarchist occupation in Florence, August 3rd, 2017). A total of twenty people were sentenced, including Giovanni, Paska and Ghespe between 9 years and 9 years and 10 months in prison (mainly for the charges related to the explosive attack of January 1st, 2017, against the fascist bookstore “Il Bargello” in Florence, where a blaster policeman was seriously injured). Among the other sentenced comrades, nine were recognized as members of a “criminal association” and, among these, two comrades considered “chief” of that association were sentenced to sentences of between 5 and 6 years. A comrade, also convicted of “criminal association”, was acquitted of the charges related to the action of January 1st, 2017. Giovanni, Paska and Ghespe have been under house arrest since June 2019. All other convictions are suspended.

The name of operation “Panico” (another Florentine anarchist occupation) refers to the repressive operation that led to searches and three arrests on January 31st, 2017. Subsequently the two investigations (relating to the arrests of January 31st, 2017, and August 3rd, of the same year) were united in the same judicial proceeding against the anarchists in Florence, and the accusation of “criminal association” arose from the first investigation.


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