Italy: In the run-up to the trial for operation Bialystok, a call for economic solidarity


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In the run-up to the trial for operation Bialystok, a call for economic solidarity (Italy)

On the morning of June 12, 2020, the Special Operational Group of the Carabinieri staged yet another anti-terrorist operation against anarchists and anarchists in Italy by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Five anarchists end up in the dungeons of the state and initially two remain imprisoned at home.

Nowadays our comrades continue to be locked up while one of the comrades initially forced under house arrest is free.

Among the accusations made against them is the usual «subversive association with the purpose of terrorism» and «incitement to commit crimes».

Among the main reasons for the investigation were the attack, using an explosive device, on the Carabinieri barracks of San Giovanni in Rome [December 7, 2017], the burning of several ENI-Enjoy car-sharing cars [February 28, 2019], meetings under the walls of various prisons, and the organisation of debates, assemblies and benefit concerts.

Once again the goal of power is to strike those who claim solidarity as an offensive practice and actively support their comrades locked in state prisons.

After more than five months of imprisonment in the sections of «Alta Sorveglianza 2» (High Surveillance 2), three months of isolation, censored and confiscated mail, interrupted interviews and replaced by video interviews and short phone calls, our comrades will face the beginning of this trial, probably in video conference, on December 14, 2020.

This is why we feel we are making an appeal, more urgent than ever these days, to solidarity, the same solidarity that they would like to put on trial, to those who are in the midst of power.

Solidarity that we feel is complicit and multiform. That we believe is a direct attack on those who would like to be overcome by resignation.

Unfortunately, the support is also made up of money, to allow the defence to be able to respond to the various expert opinions of the prosecution through expert advice.

It is now evident that the repressive apparatus is refining the use of techno-scientific instruments to substantiate its accusatory systems.

If in recent and past trials the use of DNA traces has been the unavoidable queen of evidence, we are also witnessing in this trial an attempt to introduce the validity of new instruments into biometric evidence.

We believe it is important, as comrades, to equip ourselves with all the tools in our possession to counter the new accusatory practice that is making jurisprudence on the skin of our comrades.

We invite, therefore, all those individuals and collectives to support our comrades as they deem appropriate, even, if possible, on an economic level, through the solidarity fund of «Bialystok» operation.

Remembering below the IBAN of the account to which it is possible to send the economic contribution:

IBAN code: IT40B3608105138206892206896
Accountholder: Pietro Rosetti

We reaffirm here the importance of complicity, closeness to the prisoners through correspondence and above all in the continuity of the struggles of which they continue to be part!

They would like to bury us, but they do not know that we are seeds.
For the flowering of subversion.
For Anarchy.

To write to the prisoners of operation «Bialystok», here below the addresses:

Claudio Zaccone
C. C. di Siracusa
strada Monasteri 20/C
contrada Cavadonna
96014 Floridia (SR)
Italia — Italy

(In Italy, we recommend sending mail to Claudio through «posta 1»).

Flavia Digiannantonio
C. C. di Roma Rebibbia femminile
via Bartolo Longo 92
00156 Roma
Italia — Italy

Nico Aurigemma
C. C. di Terni
strada delle Campore 32
05100 Terni (TR)
Italia — Italy

Francesca Cerrone
C. C. di Latina, sezione femminile
via Aspromonte 100
04100 Latina (LT)
Italia — Italy

Roberto Cropo
C. R. di Alessandria «S. Michele»
strada statale per Casale 50/A
15121 Alessandria
Italia — Italy