Italia: Updates from L’Aquila prison on 20 June

Received 23/06/2019

The health conditions of the companions Anna and Silvia [on the hunger strike since May 29] are good.
Today the director of the prison is back in section, who reported having put pressure on the D.A.P. [prison administration department] so that the situation changes.

Unfortunately, today Natasha was transferred from Rebibbia to L’Aquila [she was arrested on May 21st for the “Prometeto” operation].

The comrades report having heard loudly the beating of the bars Also today. They started hearing about it last Monday after the news of the hunger strike was broadcast on the regional TG; so yesterday, at lunchtime, and precisely today. We will have confirmation of what is happening inside the prison only after the next meetings [with the imprisoned comrades].
Shortly more updates.

In the meantime we invite all to the demo in front of the prison of L’Aquila, which will be held Sunday, June 23 at 3:00 pm.


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