International Freedom Battalion Fighters Evaluate War on the Serekaniye Front


International Freedom Battalion Fighters Evaluate War on the Serekaniye Front

The internationalist, Rok Brossa, explains the situation after the evacuation of Serêkaniyê:

The city of Serêkaniyê was finally evacuated yesterday through a convoy that arrived without media presence. The injured were taken to hospitals in Til Temir and others in the region since, according to the activist, there is fear that the attacks will now be directed against Til Temir.

The ceasefire has not been real. Islamist groups controlled by Turkey have been bombing Serêkaniyê herself and trying to gain positions.

Upon the arrival of the convoy with the evacuees from the city of Serêkaniyê, the population of Til Temir made a demonstration to receive them in an emotional moment full of solidarity. Many of the people who resisted in Serêkaniyê did not want to leave the resistance, however, the withdrawal was confirmed by the SDF, and the want to give a chance negotiations to succeed.

Likewise, government forces have taken positions west of the city of Til Temir and outside according to the new agreement established with the SDF. Meanwhile, the city itself is still controlled by the SDF.

There are less than 48 hours left before the ceasefire period expires, which, as we have said, has not even been respected, and there is therefore uncertainty about what will happen in the next few days.

According to Rok Brossa, the population is waiting for what may happen.

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Directly before the evacuation, an International Freedom Battalion member reported about the situation on the ground:

The very little town, Serekaniye, continues to resist with a big heart. Here in Serekaniye, a handful of people are fighting and trying to increase the resistance with all their heart against all the fascist armies. Undoubtedly, Kobani was an important turning point in the Rojava Tevolution, and today our resistance is also a turning point.

I salute all comrades.

Hello once again comrades.

Today is the 10th day of the resistance. A ceasefire was declared last night around 22:00pm. I don’t know if you can hear the background noise, but there is no cease fire. There is not continuous attacks, but usually they are bombarding our points. At least there’s no cease fire from their side. Yesterday and the day before yesterday they attacked very intensely. This is specifically to fulfill an objective Erdogan set, which is that they want to take certain terriory in 24 hours or two days tops. But this didn’t happen as all the Turkish government backed gangs have been rebuffed. They’re all sitting in one corner and waiting to break the ceasefire or prepare new attacks. But to let you know, all of our friends are doing well. Highly motivated, because this ceasefire is the result of the resistance here. They are having difficult times not us, but they are. They have been trying to occupy Serekaniye for the last 10 days, but they couldn’t take a step forward. This is a shame for them but a great pride for us. Because we have been defending Serekaniye for 10 days now, they couldn’t even step in.

It’s not clear what will happen today. Everybody is holding their positions. In other words, if we had the opportunity to show people Serekaniye, we would show people funerals for the occupiers, destroyed panzers and FSA gangs all over the places. The city is full of bad children of the Turkish state.

They are firing bullets at themselves. There is nothing compelling for us. Friend are very confident, and everyone is highly motivated. We’re not leaving here. They have realized this. Just as we defeated ISIS in Rojava, now we will defeat the Turkish State and their derivative children ISIS in Serekaniye. We are not taking step back in the streets where comrade Ulas, comrade Orhan and comrade Baran stepped and practiced in this territory of Rojava, especially in Serekaniye. We already taken our fees from them. Just as they have paid the price in these lands, as they have earned, we will earn just like them. We will continue to resist here like a Partisan. No comrade should ever doubt it. Our heads are upright and smiling. We’re all right. This war will be over and not matter what, we are the winners of this war. It’s us now. We will always be because this is the right war for the people. This war is their invasion but our right. So as its right for us, we will win. That’s why we greet all of you from here. We send greetings to all comrades. Everyone, take care, see you all soon.”

From: ANF Espanol and TKP-ML

Origanaly posted 21/10/2019