Indonesia: Solidarity Update on the Anarchist Prisoners in Yogyakarta


The May 1st protests that took place at the UIN Yogyakarta area, against the New Yogyakarta International Airport (NYIA) and the monarchy-feudalism related to Sultan Ground/Pakualaman Ground resulted in 11 comrades being detained at the Yogyakarta Regional Police Station (Polda Yogyakarta) suspected of destruction and arson of State facilities (a Police Station).

The comrades were supposed to be transferred to Cebongan Prison at the end of June, but due to further investigation, on June 29 only 4 comrades were transferred to Cebongan Prison and another 2 comrades were transferred one week later. And 5 comrades are still detained at Yogyakarta Regional Police Station, including Brian Valentino (Ucil). We have received information that the 5 comrades will be transferred to Cebongan Prison at the end of July.

For now the prisoners of the class war that are still being held at Yogyakarta Regional Police Station are in good health and full of spirits as usual. As for the condition of the class war prisoners who were transferred to Cebongan Prison, we don’t know any information about them so far, however we will give updates as soon as we know the information about them. We hope that our comrades around the world will continue to show solidarity with the Yogyakarta anarchist prisoners (such as writing letters) to keep the fire inside their souls burning and so that they do not feel isolated or alienated behind the prison bars and walls.

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