Hamburg, Germany: Arson Attack Against A DITIB Vehicle by Revenge Commando Ali Cicek


We, the Revenge Commando Ali Cicek hereby claim responsibility for the arson attack against a DITIB vehicle in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg on the night of Friday the 22nd of September. The silver VW Golf was located on the grounds of the Muradiye Mosque in the Wilhembsburg district of Hamburg. Neither the mosque nor the surrounding buildings were damaged in the attack.

The DITIB (Turkish-Islamic Union for Religious Affairs) is not a simple mosque association. The DITIB is openly known as the mouthpiece of the fascist AKP regime in Germany. The organization is attached to the Turkish religious authority Diyanet and receives from there all orders and instructions. The contents of the sermons are produced in Ankara and the preachers themselves trained in Turkey. Under the cover of religious freedom, DITIB rages against the democratic opposition in Turkey, ethnic and religious minorities such as Kurds, Armenians, Jews, Assyrians and many more and spreads a reactionary understanding of Islam. In the last year, the Turkish intelligence agency MIT are also organizing the structures of the DITIB and many imams have worked for the MIT to spy on and intimidate other people. It was recently revealed that Erdogan’s minions would not be afraid to assassinate Kurdish politicians in Europe. In the mosques of DITIB, not only is the nationalist-Islamic propaganda of the Erdogan regime spread, but also open calls for jihad against the unbelievers. Many people travelled from DITIB areas, especially in Hamburg  to the so-called ‘Islamic State’ and can still be found there. Despite this, the Federal Government continues to work closely with DITIB on ‘integration issues’. The cooperation of the German state with the fascist Erdogan regime is still very close, despite the criticism of Turkey’s situation, whether it is working with DITIB, the supply of weapons or the refugee issue.

Institutions like DITIB, UETD (Union of European Turkish Democrats), ATF (German Turkish Federation) and others are the direct offshoots of the regime in Turkey and therefore we will call them to account for the crimes of the AKP/MHP fascism in Kurdistan and the Middle East. Currently, the Turkish government and its allies are working on further occupation plans for Northern Syria and Southern Kurdistan. Their goal is none other than the destruction of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. The AKP/MHP regime in Turkey is the strongest bulwark of counter-revolution in the entire region and needs to be eliminated.

We will continue our actions against the enemies of the liberation struggle in Kurdistan and the revolution in the Middle East.

Death to Fascism!
Victory to the Revolutionary People’s War in Kurdistan!

Revenge Commando Ali Cicek
Hamburg 23.09.17

(via Chronik, translated by Insurrection News)